The Chun-Li Matchup/Strategy Thread




Chun-Li is primarily a mid range character who is best used to poke at anopponent without giving them a chance to attack her. Both her standing HP and HK have long reach and can keep opponents out while dealing significant damage. From full screen, you can limit your opponent’s actions by throwing out Chun-Li’s slow-moving LP Kikoken, which covers the screen and prevents your opponent from attacking from the ground. Analyze your opposition before throwing one out—characters like Kazuya and Hwoarang can cross the screen almost immediately, completely ignoring the projectile. If your opponent tries to jump over your Kikoken, knock them out of the air with standing HK from afar or Rear Spin Kick when they’re closer. Rear Spin Kick floats foes if it hits anti-air, giving you a chance to continue with a combo. When she’s close to an opponent, Chun-Li has a variety of options that can be used to push her back to her optimal range or deal big damage without using any meter. Start by pressuring with crouching LK and LP , then verify into a combo with Kintekishu or perform a mix-up with an instant Yosokyaku, Kakukyakuraku, or simply walk up and throw the foe. Kakukyakuraku jumps over your opponent with a mid-hitting kick and leaves you with enough frame advantage to combo afterwards, but it’s fairly easy for an opponent to read. By performing Yosokyaku immediately after you jump, you can hit most crouching characters with an incredibly quick mid attack.

After Yosokyaku, Chun-Li bounces in the air and can perform another aerial attack. But in this situation, you should generally use jumping LK to cross up your opponent. Cross-up jumping LK occasionally misses in this situation, and it’s nearly impossible to predict. So occasionally this mix-up will fail for reasons out of your control. If you don’t want to risk a mix-up, you can pressure your opponent with standing MP canceled into Hazanshu or Hyakuretsukyaku. Each version of Hazanshu is safe when blocked against most characters, so you can use it liberally.
You need to use the right version of Hazanshu for the right distance—if you miss your opponent by using the MK or HK versions, you can be easily punished after your attack sails over their head! If your opponent sees your Hazanshu coming, they can punish it by vertically jumping over it. Discontinue Hazanshu in the situations you’ve been using it and see if your opponent vertical jumps. If so, knock them out of the air with standing HK. And if they don’t, keep pressuring with standing MP. Hyakuretsukyaku, like Hazanshu, is safe on block and can be verified into a combo using Switch cancel: if Hyakuretsukyaku starts hitting your opponent, Switch cancel and continue a combo on the ground!
If Chun-Li has been knocked down, you can use EX Spinning Bird Kick as a reversal. EX Spinning Bird kick hits in front of and behind Chun-Li, making it effective against cross-ups and ground attacks. If you manage to hit your opponent into the corner, you can even combo afterwards. This attack is unsafe if blocked, so don’t be predictable. If you think your opponent is expecting an attack, wakeup with crouching LK and regain control of the match!

(source: Brady Guide)

Vitality: 900


Frame Data

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how the fuck you deal with dive kicks? i try neutral jumping and doing hk but that cant be reliable cuz rufus will do jump hard kick and get the jugle. i cant aa from the ground against it cuz he can switch the timing of the dive kick. i just cant figure it out. any ideas?


im having the same problems with rufus those dive kicks are crazy, i was just trying to predict it and using df lk but it wasnt working out too great lol if anyone has any info on this it would be awesome


How can Chun deal with Heihachi and his pressure?


I’m also stuck in regards to dealing with Rufus, I got completely destroyed earlier tonight. EX Spinning bird kick would never knock him out the air. I know its early in the game, but I think she does need an anti-air buff.


I need a solution to this too.

I usually try to time their jump, jump towards them and use Target Combo (HP>HP). It’s risky and not a great anti-air :frowning:


Well it’s kind of risky to test but if the Rufus player is pressing buttons and not blocking after each blocked divekick you can mash cr. lp and it will connect. Then go into the combo of your choice.


so after a blocked dive kick i should mash cr. lp. i can see this working once or twice, but doing this throws you into a whole new mind game like will rufus ex messiah after divekick, or will he launch (and if he does another instant divekick, will this beat it)?


Like I said, it’s kind of a risky thing to do. Could work once or maybe twice. But probably isn’t a good idea against skilled players. It was just something I noticed that can be done. The only other thing I can think of is going air-to-air for a trade perhaps. Otherwise you got to block.


what are you supposed to do against dhalsim now that there’s no focus? I played a few games and I found it very annoying, he’s always pushing buttons from every distance with no risk and there’s not much I can do to stop him from doing that.


Don’t have the game yet, but played it with some friends and found Rolento’s pressure to be really annoying against Chun. A lot of it is probably because the game sit still new to me, but I had problems trying to find ways to keep him out of range to frame trap me.


For one, counter poke with Cr. Hk just like the SF4-Series and throw the heck out of HP kikoukens from afar. remember you can walk forward now and throw them as well.
you step in – He throws out a move – you block and throw LP kikouken and move in behind it. Full screen Super Arts on yoga fires are crazy. I didn’t even realise there is NO need to dash it as she travels so far so quick. Once you are in he’ll likely run away with teleports or try and cross you up. Just remember from SF4 to mash on Hk when he teleports and knock him out of it. These are just basic things to keep in mind each fight is different of course. Above all you get 99 seconds and a partner – get a life lead and sustain it.

As for Rufus:
St. Lp will knock him out of his dive kick but you don’t have many opitons for follow ups.
Anti Airing is proving difficult online, I’m not sure why but my A/A moves are pretty solid in SF4 but sub par on this game – seems like you get counter hit or trade or just flat out get beat out and eat too much, not enough reward for the risk, ya know?
But St. Hp and St. Hk work nice from a afar. He was a tough match for Chun in SF4 and even known there is no Focus Attack and dashing back on Rufus is kind of bad due to the angel of his dive kick AND unfortunately Chun’s Cr. Hk doesn’t seem to have the same qualities as SF4s you do have a few new tools. if he’s pressure your wake up with Dive Kicks just roll out and dash out from the roll to create space. He’ll come after you so be patient and zone – look for a quick poke to chain into a launcher and capatilize on the moment the best you can.


Aside from wanting to be a different beast despite the SF4 models, they def want to go for a more rush-down oriented game with the Tekken characters and the suckier AA’s/reversals. Same with the tech roll, do it right and you shouldn’t be as OS’d/safe jumped as often as you would in SF4.


Currently finding D/F Hk a good option on tech rollers.
it can come out one of two ways.
1 you are completely safe and you may kick one if their limbs – IF they a big enough character
2 if you do it just right you’ll actually cross them up and the window is so tight they’ll really have to be on their game to block it.
basically its like they just crossed under you so your kinda doing D/B HK

at any rate I can’t help but feel like I played this game 15-20 years ago. A lot of stuff that should work just doesn’t. I still like it but think SF4 is a better game
this game feels like 3rd strike and killer instinct had sex.


This game feels like CvS2 with the auto-double system from KI2, its good and fun (although I still haven’t invested any real time in it) I just find the “surface complexity” of it seems to be an attempt to hide the fact it lacks the flexibility of SF4. Though like I said I’ve racked up like 4 hours total or something so far lol… Busy with life, work and prep for a big (ish) tourney coming up this weekend


CVS2 is another one of those games I didn’t play much – pretty bumbed about that. I still have it on Xbox its like the EO edition of something


Guys, is her best AA in the game. even on trades, chun can juggle her AA to 250-300 damage. Vs Rufus dive kick, must be well timed. It gets pretty tough on wake up vs dive kicks, so learn the spacing on his cross up setups. I dont recommend EX SBK, it gets beaten pretty easily by Rufus. If you need help, lemme know.


I like then juggle with xx HSU but then I’ve not really tried that on Rufus but I imagine if you space it right (and AA’s with Chun are all about spacing) it’ll still AA him… Well time for me to actually play this game for a prolonged period of time… After all I’ve not spent any time on it lol


Air to air and j.lp are gonna be needed in a lot of matches, they are fast and sometimes you get a HK xx Hozanshu


I recommend EX SBK against Rufus dive kicks though…

… just the Alpha counter type though :stuck_out_tongue: You can have them play a battle of attrition for every attempt to get in they take, and if you screw up you just Alpha counter and have them re-enter the gauntlet. Rufus jump-ins and divekicks are really easily alpha counterable.