The Cleveland Revival

Alright, so I just moved out here to Cleveland Ohio and I’m originally from Boston I played a lot of renowned players but I’m looking to try and get either casuals started o figure our where tournament play is at. So! Who is in the area to play? If you’re interested or trying to get something started please use this forum as a way to network with other players and to get the revival started.

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This is sad…7 views… I’m guessing Ohio is dead. So much for competitive play.

So there is nothing more than hookers and drug dealers in cleveland, huh…? No gamers?

I think Cleveland scene uses Facebook more than SRK. Search for “Console Combat”, and they’ve been going through alot of drama lately and I’m not sure if they’re getting together often.

If you ever get a chance to come to Cincinnati, come visit Arcade Legacy. We do fight night every Thursday, and occasional tournaments/events on Saturdays. We will be doing a tournament/stream viewing on Evo weekend for the people that can’t make it out to Evo so try to come.

Drams…pretty pathetic. I consider myself the neutralizer in situations like that but I know absolutely no one out here yet. I live in the heart of cleveland basically, is Cinci a troop? I also appreciate the evo viewing invitation. .currently I’m out of work so I won’t be over anytime soon. I got laid off on some BS.

Welcome to Cleveland. Sorry no one hasn’t contact you earlier but go on facebook and contact Matt Schultz for information

There are a more than one Matt Schultz’s on facebook in the Cleveland-ish area. Which one am I looking for?

Well just join this group and ask for Matt. He will give you a rundown.

I looked recently and absolutely nothing is going on with CC. kinda sucks because im starting to actuall get back into fighting games again with the intent of competing some more

Facebook killed SRK. People in Cleveland still get together for games, but there are a lot of wimpy players that can’t take even weekly beatings. We’ll shove you in the pool and you either sink or swim.

There is a facebook group up there under Console Combat that you can ask for get-togethers still kicking.

Fixed that for you. Ill have to check out their group then

You mean like the vanilla forum software? yeah I would agree that board soft was total ass. I hardly come around here aside from sniping things on the trade boards.

I hate facebook myself, but most guys seem to like posting there because girls are there too?