The closest an Oro has come to winning at evo

I’m not up on my history. Has it even happened? If not, then who came the closest? Is it even possible with all the Ken/Chun/Yun whores out there? Should we just abandon all hope and join the dark side?

All I gotta say is…


Hung got 9th at Evo2K6 and Evo2K8. He also made top 32 (possibly top 16?) at Evo2K7, where he only lost to Nuki and Tokido.

:mad: Are you mad??? This is sparta!!! Never give up, Never surrender!!!

This man speaks the truth!!! :pray::pray:

Hopefully by next year, I am good enough to enter. :smiley:

3S is going to be a sub-game for me next year thanks to SF4, but I’ll still rock that pad Oro at Evo and play hard.

Yeah, I’m getting a stick… for PS3/X360. Pad pad pad for PS2.

Hungbee is gonna win Evo 2012 for 3so. I saw into the future.

Nice bump.

Having played the game for a while now, i realize how difficult it is. Against a skilled and patient chun, shoto or twin, Oro really has his work cut out for him.

I won’t stop believing, though. Everyone lift their hands in the air and donate to the Yagyou Spirit Bomb that will beat a top tier at Grand Final.

Well, I’m not a top player or anything, but I don’t see why Oro should have too much trouble against anyone other than Chun really. With work, lots of his matches should feel like at least 5/5’s. Like… The twins have a low stun bar, so get in counter-poke range and roundhouse, or anti-air roundhouse like 4 times and that’s the round lol. Same with Gouki, although I find this match a lot harder than everyone says it is, especially since that mofo can teleport away from Tengu! So frustrating!

Again, not claiming I know everything about Oro, just saying he’s good enough to win! Oro players just gotta STEP IT UP! :wink:

btw Hungbee has the best avatar on SRK!!

I don’t find that part of the match to be a problem, it’s often a bonus. Just position yourself properly and if they teleport you get a free knee into command grab.