The Cody Cut-Out (aka Pen Tool Tutorial)


It seems like a lot of people have an idea for a stick template or other random art piece, and instantly find a need to cut out the character from the image. Lets get serious people… the magic wand and eraser are not meant to cut out art. Instead, use the Pen tool. It’s easier, mistakes are easily reversed, and you’re basically left clicking over and over rather than dragging a mouse around a high res image that your computer cannot handle. If you know how to play Connect-the-Dots, you can do this.

With a little filter magic, your crappy screen capture can be made into a nice template or wallpaper with a nicer looking image than when you started.

Hope this tutorial helps a lot of you, and inspires more to experiment with the infinite possibilities Photoshop programs have to offer.


Awesome tutorial. Thanks

I cant wait to get home to try this out.


Well, it’s the same method I use to render.


Appreciate the tutorial. Gonna try this later.


@Evelgest: I just learned that rendering is synonymous with removing the background. :bgrin:

Awesome job Aoi. Tuts like this are much appreciated and useful. Thanks for taking the time to make this. Hopefully one of the Mods can link your thread in the Stickies.


nice tutorial. :tup:

maybe Sas can link it to the first post in this thread:


It’d be as good a reason as any to bring the uce back to SRK. :sad:


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awesome tutorial


Nice tutorial. Btw people this takes extreme patience, trust me I know :karate:


Yeah, does take some patience. Gotta constantly zoom in and out to make sure you’re following the image correctly @@. I usually put my headphones on, crank up some music, and just let it work itself.

There’s other images that just don’t cut right (like the ink splatter SFIV art), you can’t expect to pen out every little splatter of ink. I did develop a cool method to cut some of their backgrounds, but it’s bit more complicated. 95% of my cutouts use this method though, with another 4% actually having a nice key color(green) to easily select, and 1% being complicated (in which case I tend to pass on the artwork).

Glad you guys liked it ^^~ too many typos for my liking, but PS ain’t MS Word, lmao.


Yea some images are like “GOOD LUCK MAN!!” lol. I used to hate cuttin when I first started now its just like whatever.

Aoi wheres my stick art >=|


i just use polygon lassoo, does the job well enough for my needs.


The polygon lasso has been terrible for me which is why I praise this thread


added this to the tutorial archive for posterity :tup:


Awesome, thank you :tup:


You use a ton of anchor points! Good job with the tutorial.