The Cody Mirror: Fight for the Knife



So as Cody becomes more and more popular, I have noticed this match up happening often enough for me to find it hilarious. Two men enter, a knife placed equidistant from the both of them as they battle it out with rocks and sand. How have you folks been handling this hilarious mirror?

Normally I would use a mirror in an attempt to figure out things I don’t have 100% on the character I’m playing, but I’m way more interested in controlling the knife in this fight. Even if it’s on the ground on my side of the screen, victory. :smiley:


The player who gets the first knockdown, wins.


In my opinion the usefulness of the knife is character specific. I’ve only played Cody against other chars, I dont find myself in the mirror match too often so I dont know how good the knife is against Cody himself.

But yeah I guess you dont want to give it to the other Cody, the knife fight idea is pretty clever.


LOL, I am so with you. In the mirror match, I try my hardest for the knife. I dont even mind if I lose the match. It’s about the principle!


LOL, I am so with you. In the mirror match, I try my hardest for the knife. I dont even mind if I lose the match. It’s about the principle!


yea best mirror match it fells like a real street fight


I tend to ignore the knife in mirror matches, wait for them to go for the knife and punish them until they realise that picking it up won’t do them any good. If they happen to get the knife and get away with it then I rock/poke spam to keep them away so they can’t jab me with the thing, shank combos hurt ;_;


I played a really good Cody mirror today and I won’t think either of us thought about the knife a single time.


Same here. If another Cody wants to remove his ability to trap with against a char he already knows can’t handle frametrap and wakeup pressure, that’s fine with me. Nobody cares about the chip.


oh yea they do


Ok. You worry about that 10 damage per hit then.


codys ruffian kick does 32 chip and you’re worried about 10 per blocked hit


If you can get 4 jabs = 40 chip
4 jabs, cr. lk xx ruffian = 72 chip

I still don’t use the knife much.


The knife is great. I like to use gimmicky knife jab blockstrings early on because I get a view into how they react to pressure better when the pressure is chipping them. Even if it’s not a lot of chip they know their life is going down and it just puts more pressure into the situation. Heh heh!

It’s not like his kick normals make for bad block strings either. I do ghetty dhalsim blockstrings with kicks and slide.


Probably because you’re still ending blocked 4 jab hitconfirms with c.lkxxRK.


he did it for obvious reason to show that knife chip is kinda pointless.
dunno how someone can’t see this :3

knife is a mere gimmick that can be used SOMETIMES… or to end a match thru chip.


fixed :razz:

all kidding aside i think youre… underestimating what knife can do for cody
& theres a whole meta/mind game that evolves once your opponent knows you want to knifegrab & commence to stabbing them

i love the knife… its part of what makes cody cody… & in the mirror, you can bet im gonna knifegrab :coffee:


I’ve fought a lot of good players that couldn’t care less if you have the knife. They don’t get scared of a little chip.


nobody gives a shit until theyre getting actually stabbed :grrr:

#20,,, are just 4 arguments that destory the little added chip damage :3