The Color Editing Thread

So being spoiled by MVC color synchronization, i decided to give my team of Gief/Juri (Not working out, btw) a matching color ensemble so I could whoop some ass with a bit of red/black flavor.

However, I quickly realized that while you can pretty much change the color of anything on your character’s body, the ACTUAL AMOUNT OF COLORS selectable is laughable-namely four. You get the Standard 1p costume color, the standard 2p costume color, and then two more (One of which is usually grey. Awesome.) So I was forced to make my team look like grey-skinned trolls for the sake of a matching color scheme-the most important part of a good team.

So what I’m wondering is A)- Are they going to release new colors, namely for free? and B)- What do you guys think of the color editing? Feel free to also discuss cool-looking costumes you’ve created

A: Yes
B: It’ll be nice when they have some more colors. Seriously, how hard is it to include 11 basic colors? White, Black, Grey, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange and Brown. That’s all you need to get started. Then you can add different shades later on.

All. Black. Everything.

Because every team looks cooler in black

puts on sunglasses

If you and your opponent have the same colors, you can’t tell them apart. Good shit.

Yay. This was a necessary post.

Who knows when Capcom will decide to upload the free colors, as far as I know, they doesn’t mind to rush and upload things we must pay for, but when it comes to free stuff they are slow as hell, so maybe in a year or so, lol.

Anyway, this thread is great, once we get more colors we can put here our personal creations :slight_smile:

Recoloring textures is hard work. Really.

Tell that to the 12 characters hiding on my disc until fall <.< haha…

But yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing the color combos y’all come up with :smiley: be sure to post pics and the formulas/color combos so I can steal them :clapdos:

There’s an option in the settings menu to enable hovering indicators for each character (I’m guessing to solve just this problem), but I imagine it’d look pretty dumb to use it all the time.

I don’t think you’ll see many cool costumes until the colour selection becomes a lot bigger.

By the way, how is that team working out?

Are you serious? Recoloring textures is one of the easiest game mods I’ve ever done. I don’t see what’s so hard about it. If a normal person like me can do it easily, I’m sure a dev team can do all the colors in a day or 2.

No, i am not serious :slight_smile:

And if anybody missed it, the color dlc is already on the disc. For more info DLC Character Gameplay

Notice the shopping card symbol.

They probably won’t give you too great of a color selection. There’s apparently like sixty colors.

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Again? All colors already on the disc and we have to wait eons for them?
This is hilarious.

Okay, I apologize. I’m very bad at noticing sarcasm on the internet…

Sigh… Why? I just don’t understand. They’re on the disc… we don’t have them… why?

Not very well, actually. Im thinking about changing Gief to a different character, but I haven’t had much time to play due to my fifteen hours of school and forty hours of work every week. Im loving Juri, though.

not sure if sarcastic but…nope

whoops. didn’t keep reading. i’ll try to be less retarded next time.

FOUR colors Capcom? REALLY?!

At first I thought you had to unlock them through playing the game with the character you want more colours for much like the other versions of SF. Yet I guess not, guess they are hording them for future DLC because they know you’re going to want to be able to customize and have different outfits. So looks like Capcom is all about the dollaz and how to get more from us. Golf Clap