THE Combo Video thread (New Releases + Commentary)


UPDATE - 09.11.2007

SRK now has its very own Video Gallery forum. Instead of everyone starting new threads in FGD whenever they have a video to announce, there’s now an entire forum dedicated to premiering and discussing vids. As such, the FGD mods are no longer going to allow people to create video threads in the Fighting Game Discussion forum. However, if you would like a little extra exposure for your project, feel free to announce it in this thread in addition to announcing it in the video forum.

I don’t spend as much time finding/watching fighting game videos as i did a couple of years ago, but i still find good stuff now and then. Some of it deserves some discussion so i figured i’d start a thread. If you find something cool that hasn’t been posted yet, don’t be shy - especially if it’s CvS2.

Never ever direct link to multimedia. If it’s a foreign language site and the link isn’t clearly visible, just provide a link to the homepage and describe how to find the video link. It’s just common courtesy.

So to start things off … Zerokoubou just released Vol 6 - a combo video for SFA1.
movie page:

There is so much crazy shit going on in this vid! At the end of the first combo, he actually manages to do two lvl3 supers against Bison, i think by doing them at the same time so that both start up before the super meter cost is taken away. James Chen did something similar with a 2-hit SFA3 Rolento/Blanka combo using the startup on Blanka’s watermelon super.
The Bison combos in this video are absolutely insane. Of course the one at 1:53 rocks (where he does four fireballs in one combo) but the one at 2:23 is even more crazy because he somehow gets j.HK to hit TWICE and then does the same thing with c.LP upon landing. Someone please explain that!
The Birdie combo at 2:10 and the Chun Li combo immediately after it are kinda cool because he does an attack facing the wrong direction and when he chain cancels it, the following attack is also facing the wrong direction. There were a couple of CFJ combos done by kysg where he does the same thing. Cool idea.
What’s going on with all the Sodom combos at the end? If i had to guess, i would say that Sodom’s Tengu Walking (or whatever it’s called) resets the juggle count which allows for otherwise illegal extra juggle hits. I bet the timing is all sorts of precise though, if it took this long for someone to find it.

Starting to make fighting game videoz

Majestros, I believe the Bison combo vs. Akuma (with the dual hitting j.RH) can be explained due to the game’s engine? Prehaps if a fireball hits at the same time as a normal, the game’s engine doesn’t considered that move to have hit, even though it added to the combo meter and did damage? That would be the only possible explaination I can think of. Also, if you notice, the c.LP does not do two hits on it’s own. The fireball hits immediately after it, causing two hits. The combo counter is 5 before the super.

Awesome, awesome video. Does anyone have the music to it? I’d love to check out more from that particular artist.


(match videos at the bottom are new; strategy vids above them are pretty old)

commentary: Check out the last video with the P-Groove player. He parries something from like two character lengths away and then just walks forward and throws the opponent. Pretty entertaining strategy. Doesn’t work out so well in the last round, but it’s still funny to see him try.

The combo meter is at 2 hits when Bison lands, so the c.LP has to do two hits. It seems as though the first hit of the j.HK and the first fireball connect at the same time and don’t register individually on the combo meter. Then the second j.HK hit connects and the combo meter goes up to 2 hits. Then the first c.LP hit, then the second fireball, then the second c.LP hit. In conclusion, the current explanation is still “wtf??”


Funny how Sagat was almost reverse team destroying. Too much energy theory. That Kyo Sagat one was sick, almost gave me a panic attack.


Despite the fact that Alpha 1 sucks, that vid is off the hook. Definitely one of the most creative vids in a long, long time. Mad props to Murasaki.

If I get time, I’ll look over his transcripts to see if I can explain the Bison/Vega combo, and the Tengu Walking combos.

Also, I just sent an e-mail to him asking if he’d send his other 5 vids to me so I can host them. :tup:


Is the active X control safe for the thread starters link? I hate those things.


(click on the AFTER HOURS link and check out the hella mysterious screenshots - as far as i know those were never posted as clips so i’m wondering if anyone has 'em)

I have most of those zerokoubou videos on a CD somewhere. I have Vol 3, Vol 4, Vol 5 and he recently reposted Vol 1 so i have that too. I’m missing Vol 2 though. If you’re gonna host them somewhere, i’d be happy to send them to you. Are you still on Japan time?


The transcripts aren’t very descriptive I think.
If I remember right, all it said was simultaneous hit with the fireball, then 2nd hit with j. RH. Don’t think they explained how to get that 2nd hit in the transcript. It’s just literally a transcript of the moves used, with no real explanation on how stuff was done.

I didn’t read the stuff at the top, so it might be there. And I didn’t look around the webpage for bugs info either.

LP shot (psycho shot) x2, simultaneous hit j. RH, j. RH (2nd hit, nidanme), cr. MP, shot hits, cr. MP (2nd hit), Lvl 3 Psychocrusher
I think that’s right?

Or Ryu’s combo on Sodom
backwards(crossup) j. RH, LP x 7, LK -> Lvl 2 Shinkuu (4 hits), Lvl 1 Shinkuu

I’m guessing the bugs are either “known” and listed somewhere else or… For tengu walk, is he supposed to be invincible while doing it? Once he enters the command, does he lose his falling invincibility or something? Allows for more juggles? Never played alpha, so I wouldn’t know what to look for.


Heh, i guess i was wrong about it being c.LP that hit twice. But the weird thing about the combo was that the j.HK hit simultaneously with the first fireball but the c.MP didn’t and it still hit twice. So if the double-hit glitch was caused by simultaneous hits, then the c.MP hitting twice would still be left unexplained. Anyway i guess simultaneous hits don’t register separately on the combo meter so that’s why the combo meter is only at 2 hits when Bison lands even tho 3 hits ocurred.


WraithCo: Oh, I see. I hadn’t even looked at the transcripts yet (I just saw that he had them on the site), but yeah…that doesn’t explain anything at all…:confused:

Oh really? I didn’t see Vol. 1 on his site. Where is it located, and would you be able to send the others to me? I always leave IRC on, so you can send any time.

Nah, I moved back to St. Louis just before Evo, so I’m on central time now. :sad:


Can anyone here read/write Japanese? There are a couple of combo video makers that i’d like to get in touch with. Mostly i wanna try to get ahold of their older vids but it would also be nice to be able to ask them some questions about what’s going on in their combos.


At your service…:smile:


Sweet! Can you take a look at a couple of websites for me? I’m not sure how much you care about newer games like CvS2 and CFJ, but i bet you wouldn’t turn down kysg combos. CFJ may be pretty shady as a “new” game, but the game engine is basically the same as CvS2. If nothing else, CvS2 has a deep/versatile combo engine.

kysg’s cfj clips:
(most of these were posted on the site except the ones under AFTER HOURS, which i’d like to get somehow)
kysg’s forum:
(i started a thread on this forum and asked him a bunch of questions, but i only sorta kinda understand the answers … do you mind going through and translating just that thread? it’s like the third thread from the top)

T-7’s homepage:
T-7’s forum:
(i have no clue who this T-7 guy/group is, but he makes the absolute craziest CvS2 combos ever. i’m guessing there is some connection between T-7 and Sai-Rec but unlike Sai-Rec, he speaks no English whatsoever so i haven’t had any luck getting any info from/about him. he’s made at least three combo DVDs and i’m down to buy all of em (with money lol), but i dont know how/where to ask)


movie page:

I’m not sure who these guys are or how old these vids are, but check out video number 23 for some crazy Urien mixups. He does low fierce, EX headbutt, low fierce again and cancels the first hit into Aegis then dashes under and does jump back HK to set up unblockable. I don’t know how practical that is but it looks tight.
He also hits with MP fireball so close that he juggles with low fierce afterwards. He uses that to set up an unblockable Aegis and mashes some buttons for a while, then uses a forward dash to push Elena into the Aegis while the combo meter resets. Pretty damn clever. That’s the kinda shit you gotta do these days to win over Daigo’s fans.


I hate to doubt you when my Urien knowledge is a little lacking… But are you sure those are unblockables? It doesn’t look like Urien’s hitting Elena the same exact time the reflector is.


The first one had no unblockable but it was still awesome. The second one, I think that may have been unblockable at the end with the crouching fierce. The best thoug was the ex aegis and then use jumping rh to force elena to stand up into the ex aegis to take the chip.


As soon as I get time.

I promise.


I dunno, i am just a Ken scrub when it comes to 3S. That first one where the j.HK hit Elena wasn’t unblockable but if she had blocked it then she would have gotten pushed back into Aegis. Then Urien would have walked up and started mashing buttons and it would eventually become unblockable i think.

Using the high Aegis to do a bunch of free jumping attacks is also pretty damn clever, but if the opponent is smart, they’ll start blocking high as soon as Urien jumps to get the Aegis to fade away faster.

Sweet, thx.


If you click on Download 2 (you could click on part 1 also…if you are bored) there is a ton of new footage of Bas and Campbell (buktooth) playing hot CvS2 action.



crazy chart:

These guys post random match videos. They posted one combo video which has some nice execution stuff but it was mostly just old Sai-Rec combos redone, probably using a programmable controller. Anyway this chart kind of rates the “important” characters against one another. Some of their choices are kind of interesting, especially some of their character/groove choices (no C-Vega).