The Combofiend Technique



Yo, so everytime I see Combofiend use spencer he’ll cancel the overhead into the armor piercer. I can’t cancel the overhead into…anything. Is the cancel timing really small, or is there some kind of technique, I.E. the Combofiend technique lol.

Edit: sorry for being vague. The move I’m talking about it 6H.


You do overhead (Forward + H) wait a sec for the move to recover, then RIGHT when the move ends, you do QCF + S.


So it’s not even a cancel, it’s a link? Wow…


Yea basically, the timing isnt too hard after you get used to it, its very good during blockstring if your opponent is blocking low and doesnt know about it.


I’m sure this has been mentioned somewhere, but whatever:

Overhead is +4 on hit. Armor Piercer is 3 Frames (4 in Vanilla) and is the only 4 frame or less move Spencer has. So yes it is a link (I think you can link a standing light if you hit the Overhead late, but it’s a harder link and obviously not consistent). The game gives input buffering up to I believe 4 frames, which makes it a 6 frame link. Watch the animation of the overhead and input right when it’s ending. not too bad once you get used to it.


You can link a light on counterhit, is what it is.


That makes far more sense, thank you for correcting me.


The Combofiend technique…


This was so relative to my interests… Thanks!