The combo's to Super Art I (Shin Gohou)

Oke Akuma is the beast of the game. He is the murder of the Masters of Ken Master and Ryu. Oke You can beat only with him open the gate to hit and you must not the fighter let be him come to beat him becouse he is quicker knoched out. So let’s beging with his combo you can better train it on the Training mode.

Akuma is an beast and monster on this game. It’s combo very hard. So he can cancel all his moves to the Super combo and he can cancel the super hard attecks to the Super Arts I. Oke his combo will be here.
=> Jumping HP >> Standing HP >> Hadiuken: 3 hits Combo.
=> Crouching MK >> Tatsumaki (LK) >> Shoryuken (HP): 5 hits combo.
=> Crouching MK >> Tatsumaki (LK) >> Shoryuken (HP) >> Super Arts I: 10 hits Combo.
=> Standing HP >> Shoryuken (HP) >> Super Art I: 9 hits combo.
=> Standing MP >> Shoryuken (HP) >> Super Art I: 9 hits combo.
Oke that’s all about his combo. Soon more combo about Akuma (Gouki).


Or he would be if he didn’t take damage like a little girl.

There’s also:

:d:+LK :d:+LP :d:+LK > :qcf::qcf:+P
Jump in :qcf:+P > Standing RH > Shun Goku Satsu
Jump in RH or FP > :d: MK > :qcb:+LK > :qcf::qcf:+P (SAI)
(In the corner) Jump in RH or FP > :d: MK > :qcb:+LK > :dp:+P > :qcf::qcf:+P > :dp:+P > :qcf::qcf:+P > :dp:+P (SAI)

Most of these are stolen from Slim X’s combo video.
A good tactic is also to LK dive kick, tick once with LP, then throw.

By the way, your sig’ is unintentionally hilarious.

Here’s a few cheap ones:

Roundhouse (and maybe forward?) hurricane that cross over crouching opponents can sometimes hit them from behind. This usually happens as Akuma is landing… - you can get them with a super in this situation. I’m referring to the ground version here - air version gives you the opportunity to maybe mess around even more.

Forward roundhouse - a hard chain is to link a strong dragon after it. Very hard if you ask me. But linking a super after it is actually much easier.

Hit confirm it off a close standing forward.

Instant-air super people when they think you’ll try to throw them so they try and tech the throw. Hopefully we’ll see this being done on this years EVO dvds :wink: