The Comic Book Villain Social


Let’s be real here, superheros wouldn’t be much without good villains. Marvel, DC, independents, whatever. Any villain. Even public domain.

The place to rap about villains, i.e. what makes a good villain, the classic villains, new villains, costume designs, powers, etc, etc…

Personally some of my favorite parts in comics is when a hero and villain team up in a sort of anti-hero begrudgingly type manner. It’s in-fucking credible 9 times out of 10.

To start things off, some of the first villains I was intrigued by.

Venom is pure, 100 percent fear and power, the more bestial version of what Spider-Man could have been, other than Man-Spider, of course. :sunglasses:

The Lizard is pretty cool as well, one of Parker’s previous professors with the classic centuries old archetype of Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde. Brawn and brains.

The man has enough pizzazz and style to put nearly any hero or villain to shame. There will only be one Mysterio.

The Shocker is so-so, his only saving grace is his power in my opinion, his costume looks like an Iron Man ripoff that got stuck in an waffle iron.

One of the few villains that come to mind that qualify as senile, The Vulture ( I actually searched for The Buzzard at first, shame on me)

Lastly, the most serious villain I had ran across in my ASM days, Morlun.


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Barracuda, bitch


Vulture sucked. Electro sucked. Rhino sucked. Half of spideys rogues gallery only got big due to their overuse in the 60s and 70s. If you tried to introduce an old man who flies around and makes other people old in this day and age, it would fail MISERABLY.

From the Marvel side, there are only a few villains who really ever stood out for me.


I still <3 Thanos :smiley:


I’ve never been a real big comic person, but I always felt DC had the best villians, especially Batman. But there are some I really like from the Marvel side, like Juggernaut, who’s one of my all time favorites


Spider Man’s villains besides the symbiotes have never interested me. They’re the primary reason I tend to stop reading his titles.

Now Mr. Sinister - that’s a friggin’ villain. Best of all-time has to be Joker though.


to me, the best “villains” are the ones that are doing something that is considered evil, but you can completely understand why they are doing it. the two best examples i can think of, are magneto and sinestro. granted max was (is) now an x-man, but it doesn’t change the fact that he did what he did because he wanted to protect his people. sinestro just wants a universe where he has control, and that way, he can “protect” it from anything that threatens it.


I think that works sometimes, but I hate it when writers take established villains and try to make them sympathetic somehow. I like my bad guys to be bad to the bone. Like Grant Morrison once said, Magneto is a terrorist twat, and that’s it, that’s who he is, that’s what he does. I hate all the stuff CLAREMONT did with Magneto in trying to make him all noble and stuff. That’s such bullcrap. In real life, there’s no way a terrorist/mass murderer could get away with switching sides and joining “the good guys” as often as someone like Magneto.


Looks like zephy fell for my master baiting.


You are definitely the master baiter. That, sir, I cannot deny. YOU VILLAIN