The Comics Exchange Thread

I have taken it upon myself to start The Comics Exchange Thread.

Do you have comics you no longer want? Would you be interested in sending them to other people who might want them? Are you interested in a GOOD TIME?

Maybe you live in Hackensack, Iowa, and you’ve spent your life searching all of the local comics shops in vain for that rare second printing of Ambush Bug #1B (variant cover). Well, post your Holy Grail Comic and maybe someone with extra free time (and who lives in, say, New York or California or Canada) will go to his local comics shops and find the Holy Grail Comic for you. You never know, maybe someone already has it and doesn’t even want it anymore.

I start this thread because I have a number of comics looking for a good home. These aren’t crap comics that I could just donate to a library or something… I mean, I guess if no one here wants 'em, I can eBay them, but I figured I’d see if anyone on shoryuken would want these. Don’t be shy now. This is like the time Carpet Lint and I mailed each other nudie photos of ourselves, only this thread is about comics.

GOTHAM CENTRAL #s 1-15, 17-25, 27, 28
Written by Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka
Art by Michael Lark and others

This is a pretty sizeable chunk of one of the best DC comics of all. The series ran to about 39 or 40 issues, so this is over half of the entire series. The reason I am looking to find these comics a home is because these are all extra copies I got from a random eBay auction I won a while back. Basically, reading these gets you out of purgatory and into the Church Of Bru.

SHADE, THE CHANGING MAN - a fat run of over 30 issues
Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Chris Bachalo and various other Vertigo alumni

Shade is one of the best comics of the '90s. You know how Vertigo is, pound for pound, the most consistent publisher today? Shade was Vertigo before there was Vertigo. No joke. It was books like Shade, Hellblazer, and Sandman which led to the formation of Vertigo. Shade has everything: drama, action, philosophy, psychedelic weirdness that out-trips Grant Morrison on LSD, scathing wit, romance, sex, violence, rock and roll, and Todd “Mr. 12-time Eisner Award Winner” Klein.

I’m not asking for much. If someone wants to trade, I’m open to suggestions. If someone wants to pay me for these, I’d be happy to accept payment (does 15 or 20 bucks sound reasonable?), but I’d be just as fine giving them out pretty much for free. All I ask is that the recipient will actually read these comics. Getting these comics won’t save you a bunch of money on your car insurance like Geico, but your life will be enriched in other ways.

Church of Bru members get first dibs.

This isn’t a bad idea.

Anybody Make me an offer on Danger Girl #s 1-3, plus the Tour Edition of #1?

i’m sure i could find a place for those gotham central books

Edit: bring those books to isotope next week zephy. let me look over my stuff and i’ll bring you something next week.

Dude, I thought that was supposed to stay just between us! Now everyone’s seen this thread and they’re going to act like Michelle Williams when she found out that we weren’t really just going up fishing in them mountains up north.

That was a very cool thing to do indeed.

And if anyone can find me a copy of Mike Allred’s Solo issue, I will mail you my anal virginity in return. ExpressPost.

I notice you didn’t list any comics you wanted in return though, Zephy.

i think i have some signed books that i might consider giving away. those were signed at wondercon either last year or this year. so unfortunately they don’t have a CoA. but none of you fucks are getting my x-factor #3 that was double signed by peter david and ryan sook. i don’t like you guys that much

Will do, Painy. I’ll bring you the Gotham Central next Saturday.

Clinty, I didn’t forget about you. I’ve been looking for that Mike Allred Solo for months now and I just can’t find a copy of it anywhere. In fact, failing to obtain a copy for you ranks among my greatest shames of all time. Some nights I can’t even sleep because it’s so depressing to know that your life is completely empty without it. The only thing that cheers me up is reading my own personal copy of the Allred Solo issue.

I definitely have a few comics I’ve been looking for myself. I wrote myself a list a while ago, but I’ve misplaced it. The only issues I can remember off the top of my head are:

The Question #s 17, 25 (the Denny O’Neil/Denys Cowan series from the late '80s)
Untold Tales Of Spider-Man '96 (this is a one-shot/annual from that Kurt Busiek series, with art by Allred)

So if anyone has these, or knows a store that has them… I will debase myself for these comics.

as for what I’m looking for:


39, 50, 51, 53, 55