The Complete Akuma Thread

The [EDIT]IN[/EDIT]Complete Akuma Thread

To revive akuma and get some unity in these threads, i decided to make a thread that can be the maximum damage, everything you need to know about akuma thread. Everyone, i will post strats periodically, if you have strats, post them as replys and i will edit this post and credit you.

combos when you have no meter-
Opponent dizzy-:uf::hk:, :d::lp:, :d::hp:, :qcb::mk: (2 hits), :dp::hp:(1 hit)
Damage: ? Stun: ?
notes: if opponent has quick get up (a,n,k groove) use jab dragonpunch to keep momentum. Someone test if jump fierce does more damage or if there is a more damaging combo than this, thanks.

if opponent is standing-:d::lk::d::lk::qcb::lk::dp::hp:
if opponent is crouching-:d::lk::d::lp::d:rh:qcb::lk::dp::hp:

groove specific combos or… how to use your meter :slight_smile:
Opponent dizzy-:uf:,:hp:,:d::hp:,:qcf::qcf::mp: XX :qcb:short (before akuma leaves the ground) :dp: fierce
opponent dizzy-
n-when opponent is knocked down in the corner and you have 2 stocks available, activate 1 stock while they are getting up and you get a good mixup. Either do raging demon (jab jab :r: short fierce) or do :d::lk:,:d::lk:,:d::lk:,:qcf::qcf::p: (you have enough time to watch the shorts and see if they hit) Can someone test out the damage on these 2 options, thanks.

VS. section

Blanka-To be added soon, since i think this is akuma’s worst matchup.

i play a very scrubby C-groove akuma.

-if opponent does a safe fall after the PBnJ combo, thats a perfect time do to XX lk hurrcane, lp dp again. (and hope they safe fall again)

-(something im working on) after a knockdown, instead of doing a TK FB crossup, jump straight up, meaty lp FB, land…any good follow ups? i do dash > throw, but i think that’ll get old fast.

-after PBnJ, alter the crossup FBs by taking a small step back and then going for it.

-um…scrubby demon set ups:

-[blocked] crossup MK, land, s.lp, s.fp, whiff lk hurricane, land, demon
-[after BnB], small pause, TK mp FB crossup (whiffs), land, demon.
-[blocked] c.lp, c.lp, dash > demon

-K akuma vs blanka combo that’ll probably never happen in a real match: crossup FP, land, c.lp, c.lp, c.fp > qcf qcf + fp.

umm I dont kno if anybody knows this…

but akuma’s air to air is more reliable then u think.
if u nail a lp, lk, or mp… u can cancel it to a hurricane in mid air while the opponent is still in the air giving u a set up for his AA or knocking down ur opponent.

C-Groove Comboes:
Firstly I’m gonna exclude dizzy comboes as they aren’t really practical IMO, as well as comboes that start with ‘jump straight up qcf+lp, then tigerknee qcf+hp’ and the like for the same reason.

Also, although these all start with ‘j.hp, c.hp’, that’s not the only way to land them. That’s the best way to land them as you get the most damage out of it, but you won’t get a free jump in that often. When they’re dizzy though go for it ;). More practically though you can replace the ‘j.hp, c.hp’ with ‘,’ or ‘’ to start any of these.

Most damage with lvl2, anywhere on screen:
j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (last hit, but you still on ground) qcb+lk, dp+hp (2 hits)

Most damage with lvl3, anywhere on screen:
j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (last hit, but you still on ground) hcbx2+lp

Most damage with lvl2, opponent in corner near end:
j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (2nd last hit) hcb+hp, dp+hp (2 hits)

Most damage with lvl3, opponent in corner near end:
j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (2nd last hit) hcbx2+lp, dp+hp (2 hits)

Most damage with lvl2, does not work in corner, DOES NOT COMBO:
j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (2nd last hit) dp+lk, f+hp xx dp+hp (2 hits)

Most damage with lvl3, does not work in corner, DOES NOT COMBO:
j.hp, c.hp, qcfx2+mp xx (2nd last hit) dp+lk, f+hp xx qcfx2+lp (4hits)

NOTE: Those last two have a hole in the combo between the lvl2 super cancel and the grab off the demon flip. Each of them is actually two comboes. The point of listing this is that 9.99993% of players getting hit with the traditional lvl2 combo will either;

  • sit back and do nothing.
  • hold on block in case you’re too slow on a cancel and miss it.
    This means that if you cancel the lvl2 into demon kick and command grab them, they will NOT react in time to you doing so. Hence they will get grabbed and you can continue the combo as listed.

These two do more damage than the traditional lvl2 cancels, but are risky. They are to only be used extremely scarcely as gimmicks in casual, or if you know that you only need 100 more damage to kill off a character. In which case they can be used. Generally though do the first 4, as the more consistent you are with them, the less they will expect the mixup ones.


anyways, chizoi tol me that u can just do short, short, firece fireball for a good knockdown combo while theyre crouching. I think its pretty good just because i cannot do that c.lp to link for the life of me.

thats all for now, akuma is a real man

Hey, I never thought of just doing short, short xx fireball. That’s pretty useful actually. I’ll use it from now on.

The d.LP, d.HK link is only for when you’re fishing for counter hits with d.LP anyway. It’s just as easy to hit confirm a counter hit crouching jab and link it into sweep xx qcb+LK as it is to do Rolento’s counter jab, d.MK. Both give you three frame link windows.

i swear i’m going to update this thing after my norcal trip, hold tight

Well here is this one in corner, J.Hp,land S.Lp,S.Hp into HCBX2(lV.1), QCB.Lk, QCF.Mp(LV.2) and while akuma is coming down QCB.HK and finish with DP.HP and a couple of bar haha

I switched to C-Ken to C-Akuma lately, I’ve been doing pretty good with the mixups lately; but wanted more info on mindgames.

The B&B combo I’ve been using is cross-up Mk, cr. Lp, cr. Hp, Mk. Hurricane -> Hp. srk. Works pretty good for me, but I gotta try that cr. Lk x2/3 into hadouken.

In all the games I’ve played, when I whiff a lk/mk hurricane, they usually sit there and block since they don’t know what version of the move was done, I usually follow up with a throw. Do this a few times then switch the throw into Lp. srk, gets them most of the time good.

For supers, I usually go for lvl.2’s, I can’t and never will in my life do cr. Lk x3 into supers, too hard for me. I usually just go cross up, cr.Lp, cr.Mk -> lvl.2. As for Raging Demon they always eat my set-up of Cross-up Mk, cr.Lp, cr.Rh, lk Hurricane [whiff] -> demon. The whiff’d hurricane puts you right next to them.

Any good mindgames/tricks with Akuma would be appreciated.

IIRC, Jumping FP does more damage than FK, so thats what I jump in with for the dizzy combo.

Here’s another little tip: When following his lk hurricane kick up with a DP, make sure that you time it so that the first hit of the dragon punch connects. The damage spread of the three hits are like 1000/300/100 or something, so by timing the first hit its like a free extra 700 damage.

Also, remember that you can juggle like crazy with akuma. Catch them in the air with a hurricane kick, land before them, juggle with Dragon Punch. If you catch them with the last hit of a Dragon Punch for an anti air, land and then run forward and juggle them again with another Dragon Punch.

As for demon set ups, these are what I like to use:

Knockdown in the corner, DP + PPP teleport into the corner (cross up), Raging Demon. Mix up with Hurricane Kick -> Dragon Punch so that when they try to jump the demon, they get caught with this instead.

Back to corner, RDP + PPP Telport in place, Demon. Most people don’t expect it, but don’t get used to using this., lk hurricane kick (all blocked), demon as you land. Requires near perfect timing.

The hardest part I have is getting in with akuma against anybody with a solid anti air, which makes his rush-down a beat down.

whiffed/blocked hurrcanes are NOT safe. this may be a good strategy once or twice, but anyone who plays a smart game will stop this mixup during the hurricane and most characters can punish really hard, just dp/super/activate/aa normal it while ur crouching.

for getting in, do lots of jump up or back fireballs as well as ground fireballs to get action. get them to walk toward you and try to get a sweep in or a knockdown fireball or a srk anti air, then rush them like a beast. if youre ina roll groove, rc red fierce fireball is good to punish baited normals with. (low strong, far whiffed hurrcane, rc-red fireball)

thanks for the tip on the DPS willy, now i know why i delay those things.

here’s akuma frame data as taken from “the book,” even blantantly ripped off the style from the book as well. i wrote this up a while ago…this is as good as any place to share it. no super data, but if people want that i can update it.

Akuma Frame Data

Yup, whiffed or blocked hurricane kicks are not safe. Don’t try whiff HK -> DP/raging demon unless you know your opponent is gonna do a move that isn’t guaranteed to punish you.

Another cool raging demon setup (imo at least) is air fb cross up into raging demon. It’s a little tricky but hard to escape if they block it.

how do I do Akuma’s dive kick? I’ve seen in some videos but it’s not in the movelist and I couldn’t figure out how to do, I tried d+mk, qcf+kick and nothing seems to work


You are probably doing it too early.

Anybody do Akuma’s overhead attack(SFIII:TS motion?)?


If you time it right, you could get a siq throw by pressing the K/P button while you are close. His SFA3 one was the best, though. It’s a back breaker.


oh thank you, I could do it but it has a strict time, I do it at 50% accuracy only…

You have to do it at his highest point in the air, now you should be able to make the 100% :tup:

akuma tips:

when you punch throw someone right into the corner when you are right next to it, jump straight up and do a jab fireball. its timed perfectly so it will hit their feet if theyre not carefull and you can dash/run in for a combo.

when you throw someone not into a corner, do a ppp teleport and you will get to their body before they wakeup in case they dont have quick recover and you want to be able to keep the pressure.

you guys are forgetting do all block strings into red fireball for maximum guard bar destruction AND whore rc short hurricane kick like mad.