The Complete NKI Collection

Thanks to BlazeD over at, all of my vids finally have a home.


Thanks to Gandido for hosting in the past.


Thx a lot NKI & Gandido.




Good shit. I saw a shitload of Mike Z’s shit, and the co-op on KI, but I’ve never seen the NKI shit…That ST trailer at EVO didn’t help either, you bastard. For that I will rape that bandwidth so I can have something to watch on my flight back to Japan. =p


No need to thank me. I’m just giving a place to put your stuff. :slight_smile:

That last A2 video is toooooooooo good. I remember watching that thing back when it was first released on GCC thinking it was the greatest thing ever and wanting to go to Valle’s house to play some Custom Combo vs Alpha Counter.

Killer Instinct video 1

the final fantasy 6 battle theme used in it where can i find it? and what is it called? is it on over clocked?

god i miss KI1 in arcades… Orchid!!!

The song is called “The Decisive Battle V2.01” by S.S.H.

You can get it on their site:

It’s under “MP3,” a little more than half way down.



the KI vids aren’t working for me does anybody know where i can find any other vids?

maybe if you tell us whats going on we could help you.
use winrar to unzip em and watch.

I didn’t know you could do some of those things in Mario 64, like those ‘zombie’ tricks. The long jump on the stairs bit is great and all but have you ever tried long jumping upstairs backwards? It makes Mario go fast enough to clip through doors.

Rockstarboy37 - if you’d be a little more specific, I’d be happy to help you.

Shocky II - interesting! I’ll have to dust off my N64 and try that out…


There’s a Mario 64 superplay video floating around where the guy does the longjump-backwards-up-every-stairstep bug to clip through the 50-stars door and get to Bowser 3 with 16 stars. It’s hilarious.

This is a bit off topic, but i know that Sodom is unique in SFA in that he can be juggled during his entire falling animation whereas the rest of the cast can only be juggled for a short period of time on the way up. Is there a similar exception to the rule in SFA2? Just curious.

Maj - not that I’m aware of, but I’d be interested to try it out…