The comprehensive A-Yuri thread

The results of this thread will be eventually digested into an FAQ, so pay attention.

Yuri doesn’t suck at anything but stun meter and damage, so if you’re really bored and tired of winning with Sagat, she’s a good choice.

Important moves:
low short - for close range. cancel into jab burst for combos
jab burst - mash on them to build meter
low roundhouse xx short fireball - CvS1 style, it works for a little while
stand short - a.k.a. the Gimp of God
jump roundhouse - primary jump-in, and sometimes you get an airthrow
jump jab - mash on jump forward jab against Vega/Bison and other jumpy types
stand roundhouse - Generic out-of-range poke
Saifa (qcb+punch) - negate fireballs without being required to move
slappy (hcb+kick) - mix this into your footsie games. best results when RC’ed.

Basic custom combo:
Deep jab uppercut from midscreen and repeat until you get to the corner. once there, juggle them with a jab saifa, and cancel into fierce saifa until your meter’s almost out. then do Hein Hou Kyaku (qcf,hcb+kick)

You can throw in some slappys, but that just risks you missing the super since you can’t change the amount of time Yuri slaps them around.

Sagat - Rush that shit down.
Blanka - Rush that shit down (throw in some jump jabs for good measure)
Cammy - Kind of a crappy matchup. RC’ing the burst helps.
Bison - See Blanka. Be aware that his moves kind of linger if you decide to try rolling through them.
Sakura - Her roundhouse is better than yours, other than that go nuts.
everyone else - Gimp of God x2353263262332

OK. That’s it.

What’s so great about the “Gimp of God?” Can u refer to any frame data? That’s the that hits low right?

Which move is the burst?

I’m guessin you’re going to elaborate on R.T.S.D. vs the top tiers, though you’re right in that she’s good I’ve watched S-Yuri bust up top tiers before. If she could in S she could easly do likewise in A I suppose.

About your sig, Bill Maher is the son of Norman Maher right? I don’t quite remember my important persons today for some reason.

I’m not sure about framedata, just that it’s really great at stopping attacks at close range.

Burst is the fireball.

I didn’t really plan on elaborating all that much, more giving a general guideline for people to try playing her, and they could fill in the rest based on their experiences.

Bill Maher has a show on HBO, I forget what it’s called but he has three people guest and they talk about crap. At the end, he does a section called “New Rules” and one of them was about the “anti-homosexual conspiracy” behind Brokeback not getting many awards at the Oscars.

Hmmm thanks, Needed this as you can see in my sig She’s in my A team I want to get up and running.

yuri is

money match for any amount at evo, gg.

She isn’t worthless, she’s a really good character, hard to play but good character. She eats damage though… I owned alot of people at Fanime yesterday at the arcade, they were good people, knew what they were doing and RC’ed almost everything. Maybe it’s that I sat there for about 3 matches to see how the guys played then played him…

I just started to play Yuri and she is a very good character. I just came on this forum to look for some K-Groove Yuri stats. Since I can use K-Groove pretty well. So burst actually means Fireball?

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if you’re thinking about playing yuri…pick sakura instead. i know yuri has some cute little tricks, but i actually tried to learn yuri a long time ago (hell, i’ve learned nearly every character in this game), and i realized everything yuri can do, sakura can do much better.

Unfortunately, since my left arm is banged up and Sakura relies much more on shoshosho than Yuri does, I got no choice. Sorry, dude.


I am not good with Yuri on Capcom vs SNK2 . I think she was better in the KOF series but I still play with her because I like the character. I hope she will be more powerful in the next Capcom vs SNK :).

its been 7 years since this game came out, they aren’t going to make another.

okay, although i still think sakura is better than yuri in just about every way, she’s still got some good stuff, especially against taller characters. those RC reflector mixups in the corner are just nasty. i’ll paste an old post by buktooth in case people don’t know what i’m talking about. and the following characters can’t crouch the reflector in the corner…

79 - Raiden
78 - Geese, Chang
77 - Zangief, Sagat
72 - Eagle
71 - Rugal, Yamazaki, Benimaru
70 - E.Honda
69 - Dhalsim, Terry
68 - Kyo, Joe
67 - Guile, Balrog


Yuri seems to get a lot of hate around here. I don’t really know why, she has a ton of stuff to work with if you’ve got the imagination (or just bite it off of somebody else).


-Excellent ground game:
-standing roundhouse is Sakura-esque. A little less priority, but still a great move to have. Effectively gives Yuri a long ranged power move/whiff punisher. Actually recovers faster than Sakura’s roundhouse and gives Yuri a hefty +6 on block. One of the few abusable pokes in the game that isn’t punishable by rolls or jumps.
-Very good sweep. Long range, fast (not 3 frames like the book says. That’s an error. It’s 6 frames), bufferable! Another ideal whiff punisher.
-Standing short is yet another fast, long ranged poke. Bufferable into super and safe to just throw out in general. Gives her the coveted “whiff punisher into super” that most characters lack. Also gives her the ability to get a max range counter hit low short, chain standing short and super similar to Iori and Kim.
-Fast ground fireball. Really big hit box AND knocks down! All of them are very buff ground tools, especially with RC. Guarantees a CC when hit in the corner.
-The air fireball, while not nearly as abusable as in CvS1 is still a very useful zoning tool. It gives non-roll grooves fits and is also a good set up tool. Becomes particularly beastly in the corner as the opponent no longer gets pushed back by it, and if they get knocked out of the air by it Yuri gets a free CC.
-Yuri’s jab uppercut has lower body invul, and guarantees a CC if hit even midscreen. Strong DP has upper body invul and is perfect anti-air, while fierce DP has the most range and does slightly more damage in combos.
-Yuri’s reflector is a buff ass move. Aside from its obvious use in reflecting projectiles (ahem… Guile), it gives +2 on block. RC reflector on wake up is similar to Blanka’s RC elec: throwable, but if blocked is safe and gives Yuri the initiative. RCed reflector on a rising opponent is basically free, and sets up a ton of mix ups afterwards, and crazy ass mix up in the corner. More on this a minute.
-Her supers are useful multi purpose moves, but they’re basically less damaging variants of Ryo’s.
-Good cross up with short. Hard to block after certain set ups.
-Her butt overhead is the fastest overhead in the game at 9 frames. Of course, if you do it that close it’s very unsafe, but if distanced well enough or timed meaty enough it gives a potential +3 on hit and +9 on block. You can use it to move forward like a pseudo hop kick, and it also sets up RCs and CCs well.
-Good dash, also able to corpse hop. Sets up RC reflector well.
-Easy links allow for practical b&b combos with good damage.
-Tied for best alpha counter in the game. A ridiculous +10 (?!) if blocked. Basically guarantees reflector mix ups after.
-Monstrous corner patterns.


-Yuri’s main flaw is her lack of damage dealing in general. Her potential damage caps at about 7400, and while her b&b’s do good damage, she can’t do a lot of damage outside of point blank range without super/CC.
-Certain RC moves and fast rolls make her air fireballs mostly useless except as meaty moves.
-Rolls in general give her trouble unless she sticks with just normal moves.
-Short characters can crouch her reflector, fairly heavily neutering her close game and wake up mix ups.

The crazy corner mix up:

Knock down an opponent in the corner, get over their body and do an RC reflector. Since the reflector is essentially a projectile, Yuri doesn’t get pushed back at all and is at a +2 advantage. From here she can:

a) throw, then start over, or
b) low short into another reflector

If the opponent does anything short of a DP or super to escape the throw, the +2 advantage insures that the low short counter hits, causing the reflector to combo. In A-Groove you get a free CC here, other grooves just dash up and start the process over. If the 2nd reflector is blocked, you can:

a) throw, then start over
b) RC reflector
c) low jab, low roundhouse
d) low fierce, strong fireball

RC reflector moves Yuri slightly closer to the opponent while beating any moves he might try to stick out. If two RC reflectors are done, Yuri is back at point blank range. The opponent can counter this by throwing or rolling. Low jab counters either of these. If the low jab hits, it will most likely be a counter hit allowing the low roundhouse to link easily (1 frame link otherwise). If this happens, buffer to short air fireball to hit super meaty and start over. If blocked, you can still short air fireball if you want to be agressive. If your opponent blocks it (most likely against P/K groove), you get a free dash in RC reflector and can start over. Low fierce, strong fireball is yet another alternative. If that counter hits, the strong fireball will combo and you get a free CC or can start over. If blocked, Yuri is pushed right to the edge of her jab fireball range. Jab fireballs are very abusable here, check for yourself.

Not only are you creating huge pressure with the quick mix ups, but each reflector is also doing chip and a very large chunk of guard bar.

Best Grooves:

A-Groove: Tons of guaranteed CC situations, also CCs are much more damaging than her supers.
C-Groove: Good level 2 cancels, stored super helps. Supers also patch up some of her problem areas, such as countering people who jump up and down. Alpha counter abuse available.
N-Groove: Her midrange game is tighter with run, and the ability to run also gives her more options in her corner mix up. A few good cross up sets up too. Other than that N-Groove gets the nod just because it’s the only remaining roll groove and she needs RC.

Yuri has some cool tricks that I’ve figured out.

Her standing Medium Kick is a good move, it comes out fast and does good damage. Its actually a great poke against characters like Cammy, Bison, and Chun-Li. Because their standing animations have them with their front foot pointing ahead of their main body. That means Yuri can actually use her Medium Kick to stomp on their foot! Against characters with their foot sticking forward, her medium kick actually has better range than standing strong punch.

Raioken is another great move that many people overlook. The basic rule for Raioken for most of the time is, aim it at the opponent’s foot. Fast and Medium kick Raioken allow the fireball to act as a shield for Yuri when she is walking or dashing forwards. Raioken is great for wakeup, just launch a fk Raioken at the opponent’s foot, if it connects, Yuri can combo something like a 100 hand slap, 1000 Kick super, a Kouken, or a standing roundhouse. If the opponent looks like they are determined to block high, then Yuri can dash in and grab them. if they look like they will block low, you can walk up and do a butt overhead.