The Comprehensive MODOK Tutorial - Written and Video Tutorials



I knew I couldn’t trust the dummy. About how much frames do u have to react to block the overhead. Technically if I got hit with this, then do I must block low first when I hit the ground then high? I just move quickly? Anyways Ill try it out


Technically I think you have to block low first but it will be really difficult since it is a meaty unblockable and 1F blocking would be required most likely. Here is how I understand the setup, which may be false:

After breaking an airthrow in marvel 3 you are invincible to all attacks for a certain amount of frames UNLESS you perform an action (attacking or movement). Because of this, on the way to the ground after the airthrow break the opponent will not get hit out of the air by the slime (or j.M) allowing the slime to hit low and enabling the unblockable setup. Likewise, the slime will hit immediately upon them reaching the ground which is why you cannot hard tag out of this setup and why I think you would have to block low first.

If this is true then the setup will always go like this:
-If they simply try to block, you will get the unblockable. It even works on shorties like wolvie and morrigan that can normal crouch airdash j.m (justice)
-If they try to mash out, with the right normals they can trade with MODOK and you will not get a combo. Or you will hit them airborne super low to the ground which can be difficult to confirm off of.
-Use invincible air supers and fast air ok DPs like chun-li’s to escape.
-Use assists after the tech to mess with the spacing or put hitboxes on the screen to threaten modok.

To eliminate all possibility of escape except for invincible air supers adding an assist will control all of the other options. For example, with DOK/Dorm/Doom you can call dorm+cr.m, airdash, airthrow and if they break the following will happen:
-opponent is invincible to the assist attack so they will still have to land into the slime unblock and cant try to pushblock to stay airborne
-If they mash on attack, they become vulnerable and will get hit by the dark hole before reaching MODOK
-If they call an assist it walks into the dark hole for a happy bday (havent tested them all)
-Be prepared to do your MODOK/Doom bnb after they get hit which will kill everyone.

This works with many assists but try to find some with lots of active frames like eye of agamotto, dark hole, beams, etc that last long enough to catch their mash attempts and assist attempts while being easy to hit confirm off of. With my DDD team doing my typical j.L bnb pre-airthrow I do ~400-500k depending on assists and with the dok/doom follow-up its like 600k before super. With a HBR ender the whole sequence does 1.2-1.3m and you can DHC into ball super(combos if they survived somehow) and tag modok back in for welcome mixups with the ball super or charge spells with dorm and still have a net gain of 1 meter and 1-2 cubes. Please use this technique.

Disclaimer: I dont test stuff on the midgets/ammy so I am not sure what will work on them…fuck rocket raccon.


sorry for the double post, but since Justin3201 brought this up I have been meaning to mention it. To everyone that accidentally gets HBR or whatever when doing the cr.M~flight stuff, do your flight motion qcb,f+s. This makes it much harder to mess up but not foolproof. I dont think it is necessary for this reset (you just doing the motions too fast) but this is essential for some extended combos like (j.L, cr.L, M,)[cr.H, airdash j.M]x3,S, sjMMHS, cr.M, flight j.H, add S, sj.H, L blaster, add j.S. In general MODOK can do some interesting things by buffering his flight commands that are worth noting because his flight is soo fast.


For the unblockable setup I tap the airdash… It will prvent accidental super, bbut is pretty hard on the hands heh


You can also do qcb,f+s, F to get an instant flight~airdash. Its one of the examples of buffering I was talking about


I was wondering how you found that relaunch to be more consistent… I’m going to have to try that flight buffer stuff out now.


I like that bnb because you can land any starter and still get the relaunch. The combos that have raw cr.M, S for the relaunch are affected by hitstun a bit more and may whiff so you have to adjust the combo at times especially when starting with j.L. In the end though, do what you are comfortable hitting in a match because hitting your combos is better than trying to trying to land some swag for BRODOK points. I am not above doing S MMHS otg super if I means i can win.


Same, but I mostly play this game to do obscenely long combos lol and just learning all the random stuff this character can do (and I mostly play online, where I don’t care about winning). And I’m not quite getting that relaunch. Either I fly and get an :h: cube, or I fly and do a battering ram. How are you getting the j.:h: out?

And a quick note about the air throw unblockable setup: with some assists, it seems that you can do a true unblockable air throw (ie. Marlinpie’s incoming air throw setup with Viper and Ammy). With the dummy set to tech throws, I managed to get a throw every now and then using Chun’s LL assist during the unblockable air grab setup.


If you are getting an H cube you may not be ending the flight command with forward. One way to tell the difference is by doing the two different motions while plinking H to note the outcome:

qcb+S~H should be flight mode and an instant H Cube
qcb,f+S~H should just be flight mode with no moves buffered

When you do the latter you dont have to wait for the cube buffer window to go away, only the recovery from flight mode so you can get the fastest possible inputs after flying. I hope I explained that correctly.

I have noticed the throw guard break situation a few times as well during the unblockable reset. It keeps getting better and better the more i use it, lol. Maybe we can add some assist variations to your tutorial to show the full reset in action to give people a better idea of how it works. If not I definitely will add one to my YT channel tomorrow hopefully.


I’m pretty sure that qcb,f+S~H will still give you flight into H-Cube if done fast enough.

The idea is to put in the forward direction to take up more time and allow the qcb window to expire (and to allow for easier command forward dashes I guess), but it doesn’t actually completely prevent you from executing the qcb special after flight. As long as the window is still active and the game remembers a recognized motion, and you hit that button, you’re gonna get that special.

Speaking of overlapping buffer windows, has anyone been able to do [flight~cancel flight] by doing qcb+S~S? I guess a single special move can’t be buffered into itself?


Alright, I got it now. It’s definitely more consistent and a better relaunch, but I think I’m going to be sticking to cr.:m:, :s:, since that works for me sans one situation (which shouldn’t come up anyway). Doing (cr.:h:, IAD j.:m:)x3 doesn’t let me connect j.:l: after :s: during the missiles combo extender (or am I just being slow?), so I don’t think I’ll be trying to use that relaunch much.

And I’m definitely up for further explaining the unblockable reset in the tutorial, though I’m not sure I’ll be making any videos soon. I still need to get around to updating some of the written tutorial with small bits and pieces.


If you add too many hits before the doom extension, j.L will not combo after S. I do a different doom combo in that situation though. Here is a Dok/Dorm/Doom combo with the doom extension highlighted.

(cr.H airdash j.M)x3, S, mmhs, cr.M, flight j.H, addf, S, j.H, L blaster, addf S, backdash cr.M+dark hole, L blaster (dark hole hits), cr.M,** f+H, l bomb, missles~f+h, airdash j.S, f+H, L blaster, S (missles hit), sj.H, L bomb, addf j.S, cr M, L blaster, HBR DHC stalking flare or Chaotic Flame**

Also, one last thing about the unblockable setup is that with good timing and fast attacks some characters can mash on lights to hit MODOK before he gets into airthrow range. Inserting certain assists into the setup like I mentioned earlier will let you trade and hit confirm even if they try to mash to avoid your air throw. This is assuming you are doing the f+H, L bomb, f+H, add, cr.M, airdash airthrow setup. For my team I can use either dark hole or missles during the setup and when I move in for the air throw if they jab me out, they get caught by the assist and you can confirm with airdash j.S. With the same assist timing you can guarantee to hit opponents mashing before or after the airthrow attempt to guarantee the unblockable.


Nice extension! Do you know if it does more damage than doing the typical S, j.L extender if you took away a cr.H, IAD j.M rep or two?


The unblockable setup is pretty sweet, I’ve been mixing that up with Haggar assist Viscant style for the great results recently offline.


hmm, good question. I will need to test it to be sure and it depends on what you consider the S, j.L extender. Anyways, here are the damage values for my current team before supers are involved:

Doom Combo 1(cr.m, fly j.H otg) vs Doom Combo 2(cr.m, S otg)

Combo 1, 800,200 - (cr.H airdash j.M)x3, S, mmhs, cr.M, flight j.H, addf, S, j.H, L blaster, addf S, backdash cr.M+dark hole, L blaster (dark hole hits), cr.M, f+H, l bomb, missles~f+h, airdash j.S, f+H, L blaster, S (missles hit), sj.H, L bomb, addf j.S, cr M, L blaster

Combo 2, 804,600 -(cr.H airdash j.M)x2, S, mmhs, cr.M, S,, L blaster, addf S, backdash cr.M+dark hole, L blaster (dark hole hits), cr.M, f+H, l bomb, f+h, ardash j.S+missles, f+H, L blaster, S, j.L(missles hit), M bomb, L blaster, addf j.S, cr.M, L blaster

Bonus 1, Combo 2 with the doom extension from combo 1, 777,600

Bonus 2, 805,900 - (cr.H airdash j.M)x2, S, mmhs, cr.M, flight j.H, addf S, j.H, L blaster, addf S, backdash cr.M+dark hole, L blaster (dark hole hits), cr.M, f+H, l bomb, f+h, ardash j.S+missles, f+H, L blaster, S, j.L(missles hit), M bomb, L blaster, addf j.S, cr.M, L blaster

Combo 1, 708,000 - same as above with j.L, cr.L, M

Combo 2, 695,400 - jL, crL, M, cr.H, airdash M, cr.H, addf S, jMMHS, cr.M,S, j.MM L blaster, addf S, backdash cr.M+dark hole, L blaster (DH hits), cr.M, f+H, L bomb, f+h, airdash j.S+missles, f+H, L blaster, S, j.L(missles hit), M bomb, L blaster, addf j.S, cr.M, L blaster

Bonus 1,** 700,300** - j.L, cr.L, M, (cr.H airdash j.M)x2, S, mmhs, cr.M, flight j.H, addf S, j.H, L blaster, addf S, backdash cr.M+dark hole, L blaster (dark hole hits), cr.M, f+H, l bomb, f+h, ardash j.S+missles, f+H, L blaster, S, j.L(missles hit), M bomb, L blaster, addf j.S, cr.M, L blaster


  • The S, j.L Doom extension does more damage
  • the cr.M, S otg combos do the most raw damage, however since they are effected by HSD they have to be adjusted when not starting from raw cr.H
  • damage difference is not big enough to worry about, do which ever combo you are comfortable landing in a match


This thread is amazing.


hmm good look caveman, I’m going to try the other doom extension with Weskers extension first and see what I can swindle. I’m thinking of grabbing some cubes before wesker, and with the new doom extension I can probably keep dock in with enough cubes to combo into HBR after HPB


LTP, I just wanted to take a moment to say a hearty thank you for putting this all together. I’m a big fan of the character, and I have always thought of MODOK as my favorite character in the game that I don’t consistently use. After heading to Evo and watching Frutsy tear people up all weekend, I am looking to revisit him, and this looks like the perfect guide to help do just that.

Thanks again, and here’s hoping I can make a MODOK / Nemesis team work…


It’s always good to hear that more people are trying out MODOK! :slight_smile: I think Nemesis has some nice combo extenders for MODOK (Nos has one in one of his videos). Nemesis is a pretty underused character with more tricks than one would think too.

General comments: I still have quite a few small things to edit in this guide. Some of the stuff includes setting up unblockables using DHCs from Round Harvest/Hail Storm/Stalking Flare, the double air dash tech from a grounded battering ram, TAC infinites, and perhaps a more thorough explanation of the unblockable setup (I might just quote Caveman’s description… very well worded and explained as always). Hopefully I’ll get around to it soon, but no promises (I’m sorry, I’m lazy). I might delve into team order later on and add a section on that.


Earlier on after ultimate’s release, I considered going to a MODOK team (you can probably see a few posts by me in the MODOK forums with questions). I came to the conclusion that the character was way too hard and I should try to learn a character a little easier than MODOK for a solid fourth character (my original team is Deadpool/Taskmaster/Doom though I messed around with other easy characters in vanilla). That fourth character ended up to be Dormammu who is probably my favorite character to play thus far (he has so many tools and is extremely match up based). After watching Frutsy at Evo and now seeing this amazing guide, I want to pick up MODOK on a MODOK/Dormammu/Doom (missiles) team! Thanks LTP for making a comprehensive guide for one of the more difficult characters in the game. I want to at least have a pocket MODOK for specific matchups for the near future.