The Comprehensive MODOK Tutorial - Written and Video Tutorials



LTP, I just wanted to take a moment to say a hearty thank you for putting this all together. I’m a big fan of the character, and I have always thought of MODOK as my favorite character in the game that I don’t consistently use. After heading to Evo and watching Frutsy tear people up all weekend, I am looking to revisit him, and this looks like the perfect guide to help do just that.

Thanks again, and here’s hoping I can make a MODOK / Nemesis team work…


It’s always good to hear that more people are trying out MODOK! :slight_smile: I think Nemesis has some nice combo extenders for MODOK (Nos has one in one of his videos). Nemesis is a pretty underused character with more tricks than one would think too.

General comments: I still have quite a few small things to edit in this guide. Some of the stuff includes setting up unblockables using DHCs from Round Harvest/Hail Storm/Stalking Flare, the double air dash tech from a grounded battering ram, TAC infinites, and perhaps a more thorough explanation of the unblockable setup (I might just quote Caveman’s description… very well worded and explained as always). Hopefully I’ll get around to it soon, but no promises (I’m sorry, I’m lazy). I might delve into team order later on and add a section on that.


Earlier on after ultimate’s release, I considered going to a MODOK team (you can probably see a few posts by me in the MODOK forums with questions). I came to the conclusion that the character was way too hard and I should try to learn a character a little easier than MODOK for a solid fourth character (my original team is Deadpool/Taskmaster/Doom though I messed around with other easy characters in vanilla). That fourth character ended up to be Dormammu who is probably my favorite character to play thus far (he has so many tools and is extremely match up based). After watching Frutsy at Evo and now seeing this amazing guide, I want to pick up MODOK on a MODOK/Dormammu/Doom (missiles) team! Thanks LTP for making a comprehensive guide for one of the more difficult characters in the game. I want to at least have a pocket MODOK for specific matchups for the near future.


No problem. Dok/Dorm/Doom (or Dorm/Dok/Doom) is a really powerful team and I think MODOK is a really good counter pick character (you’ll never lose to Haggar’s pipe ever lol). I remember facing you on XBL and having you on my friends list for a very short period of time (it seemed like you were ignoring me, but my mic is shit tier : /). You have a nasty Deadpool with missiles, I’d like to face it offline sometime.


They should delete everything that is stickies for M.O.D.O.K. currently, and replace them with this thread. It has almost everything you need to get started with the character.


Hmm the tac combos look harder then the 2 they give u in the guide. Are those for vanilla or umvc3?



I’d say the easiest ones are the up and down variants shown in the science video. They miss out on some hits, but I just wanted to put in the easiest and simplest ones I could think of that still get 9 cubes and work on pretty much everyone.


Yeah I watched that video like 100x guess ill watch it again and actually put in training time … Need to learn his mobility as well cuz I only get combo with him by doing j.s or air throws



This tutorial was made for UMvC3 and I don’t own the guide, so I would have no idea. You should be able to find something that works between what I posted here (gains 2 cubes before flight with no cube plink from flight) and what Nos has in his science video (more universal and easier to remember, but includes the cube plink from flight). Once you get more familiar with the character, I’m sure you’ll find your own variations that you are more comfortable with.


cool thx is the notations for that vid in a thread… I really need to step my tac game to the next level especially since viper cant max her damage full screen



I think they might be hidden somewhere in the combo thread. And you can also do HPB after Viper’s Burst Time in the corner and follow up with cr.M and burn kick assist, L blaster, back dash, f+H, L bomb, f+H, IAD j.S, f+H, H blaster for a nice bit of damage and meter gain since you will have both your wallbounce and groundbounce (better than going into HBR).


Alright, so I’m now in the process of remaking the MODOK 101 tutorial videos, as promised once I got real capture equipment. I’ve already written a script based off of the current videos, just with a bit more organization, tips and information (double air dash glitch, setups, etc), while getting rid of some of the fluff. Everything non-matchup wise is pretty much there besides optimal midscreen TACs (which don’t feel consistent) and TAC infinites. I’m going to try to put it all in one video so serious users will get the full experience in one go instead of having people go straight to combo construction, but no promises. It’ll probably be awhile until I record, edit, and upload it though. The current playlist runtime is around 36 minutes, so hopefully this 2.0 version won’t break 40 minutes.



LTP, thanks for all your hard work putting out DOK videos all the time. You dont have to post at all but you are constantly uploading modok tech and I really appreciate it.


Thanks! I sometimes feel like I’m flooding the video thread :sweat:, since there isn’t a lot of other content, so it’s nice to hear those encouraging words!

Since I’m back at school, this will probably take a good, long while to get through though. I’d say it’ll probably take a couple months.


I’ve never used this particular string but been seeing el gato and even u (LTP) go with some string that gets a l cube early in the combo before the relaunch. What is the notation for that?


There’s a couple for that, but it’s probably the old Nos L cube combo piece. cr.H, IAD j.M, land, dash, cr.LM, L cube, etc. I actually forget if I do just S after the L cube or cr.L, S… I haven’t played Marvel more than an hour in the past 3 weeks or so lol. The thing with this string is that it requires you to do the optimal relaunch (cr.M, fly, j.H, add(f), S) if you want to relaunch. I do think it’s more consistent then the following strings though.

These strings don’t require you to do the optimal relaunch, but of course you’ll get less damage out of them. starter, cr.H, M cube, dash, cr.LLS, etc. and starter cr.H, H cube, dash, S, etc.




Can anyone provide me with a 9 cube combo off of:
throw and j :l:

using :

:a1: = hypergrav :a2: = hidden missiles ?

Thanks in advance.
I checked LTP’s guide but it only has 8 :\

Edit : Also can anyone give me tips on the timing of the HBR juggles? I know it’s :f::df::df::db::f: but the timing is giving me trouble. Where should I delay? Where should I speed up? Also at what height should I start the HBR after :l: blaster.


Hey LTP (or anyone), what exactly is happening in the reset section when the opponent techs? It appears you were allowing your opponent to tech after the second force blast, while you set up a quick up down, slime puddle, fly cancel into a dash + throw, and right here is where the money is at. In your experience, does your opponent usually get a break away when the throw is attempted, causing them to get hit by the grounded slime puddle, and then they eat an j.M? If they don’t tech, they’re obviously thrown, and then you get your reset with throw scaling, which is still $$$. If they FORWARD tech, are you looking to do the same setup or land a gimmicky aerial normal confirm?

So I guess my real question (assuming I’ve figured out what I just said) is the hit confirm after you stuff them with that j.M coming off of Break Away. I see you sited going into st.M, then cr.H, which is solid, however as a magneto player my first tendency is to go for crouching light. I suppose the reason you don;t do this is because cr.L whiffs on some characters? Or is this option just as solid?