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I was thinking about starting a thread the other day on monitors, and another on mouse comparisons. So, glad you made this one.

Just purchased a Logitech G13 to replace my Nostromo N52 Speedpad, a Gigabyte Ghost mouse, an Acer 23" LCD and a Radeon 4850, along with some Tritton AX Pros which will work on PC, X360 and PS3. The Trittons are nice for a 5.1 headset, and not as gimmicky as past versions of supposed 5.1’s. The multi system compatibility is what put them over the edge for me, instead of the new Logitech G35 7.1’s. I was looking at getting some Sennheiser 595’s, but the open ear drew me away from them, as I only use headphones for gaming…Dont want my wife and kids hearing the WoW kids or TK’d people, as they scream at the top of their lungs.

Anyone had any experiences with the G13? Mine is in the processed of being shipped.

Up next is a brand new build. Just need to get input and do research on mobo’s/processors etc. And maybe wait for the price of DDR3 to drop.

One quick question, as I cant seem to find anyone who can compare the two products. Creative Audigy 4 vs. Creative X-Fi.


Yeah, speaking of mice comparisons, I need a new one again. I wear the right button out a lot. I’ve gone through about 4 mice in the last 5 or so years.

The result is double clicks happening instead of single clicks, which is a pain in the ass.

In other news, Trillian Astra final is amazing. I just hate how all the extra nice shit is only in Pro.


I hated how Digsby is pretty much bloatedware now. Hahah I only checked up on it because I still have my first name as my username. Gotta love early adopters. ahaha

I’m still rocking an older version of AIM with a DeadAIM hack. still works yeah? Wonder if it’s even updated.


I wanted to make this thread a week ago with my laptop on the way, but i didn’t want to put it in tech talk. (my computer got delivered today so I can start using at as soon as i get home from work.)

Anyway what are some good software to get, like must have software, or stuff that you’ve tried thats really good that I might not be aware of.



Gets rid of that bloated crap that installs itself when you first boot up. Because we all know that Norton or McAfee on home systems sucks.

Also editing for more stuff that I use. Watch for an edit.

foobar2k - music player
RocketDock - alternate app launcher
Launchy - alternate app launcher
CD Burner XP - CD Burner
TeamViewer - Remote Access
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - anti-malware
Peer Guardian - IP blocker
Torrent - BitTorrent client
Foxit Reader - PDF reader
Do PDF - PDF Converter

Of course, Firefox with a bunch of plugins.

I’m sure there are more. That should get you going.


I uninstalled Digsby last month. At some point I realized, I don’t need Myspace/Facebook integration because I go to the sites on impulse anyway. And I hate the slow startup time.

I tried Miranda IM, which I’ve loved for weeks now. But I had to install about 7 plugins so it can do the same things that are built into other programs. If I have to install it again, I don’t want to have to find those plugins again.

So now today I’m on Trillian Astra, and I have zero complaints… other than the fact you need the pro version for certain features (why the fuck is color themes a Pro exclusive???)

This takes away a looooot of Digsby’s thunder. Twitter and Facebook intergration, so Digsby can’t boast about that anymore… and also email integration. Also is the ONLY client so far that supports Skype other than Skype itself.


How big is the resource footprint on Trillian? That shit was mad bloated back in like '03 when I first heard of it. The layout of the program was all bloated for my tastes.


Its come a looooong way since 2003. This thing is taking up less memory than Opera, and that’s saying a lot.

There’s a rss reader built in, so I can read rss feeds in IM windows in case somebody gets boring. Like… dude…


Don’t we have an entire board for this thing?


I just upgraded my PSP custom firmware from 3.52 M33-4, to 4.01 M33-2. Plus 1.50 kernel add-on. For the sake of better game compatibility with emulators.

Does this count in the tech area?


Not really. All they talk about there are arcade sticks and lcd tv lag.


CCleaner aka Crap Cleaner. Cleans all of your temp files, bloated registry redirects, and other misc space being wasted by left over/unused files from program installs.


I love this thread already. Did anyone say anything yet? Doesn’t matter.

So I’ve come to the realization that I’m going to be stuck with an iPhone forever because of my investment in iPhone apps. Terrible I know.

Does anyone own an e-ink book or plan to? I’m waiting on a color screen myself. If we can get all our text books in there and have it so that we can write notes. Maaaaaaan. School would be easier. 2010 I’m hoping.


^^ I also replaced the LCD screen with a new one in my PSP today.


Can someone tell me if I need to sign up for a data plan with Verizon to use the Samsung Omnia? And if so, what does it get me exactly? Just the ability to browse the internet from anywhere? I know it has WiFi capabilities and I think that would be good enough for me.


Actually, from what I’ve heard, Norton 2009 is a hell of a lot better on system resources than the previous version. If I didn’t have to pay for updated definitions, I’d give it a spin again.


is this it?


I think we had a thread like this, but this good stuff. I wish the first post was constantly updated though, makes life easier. Also, I don’t recommend Launchy as much, it’s a big processor hog, as it has to continue cycling through your hard drive so it can find your files in real time.

On that note, does anybody know any good Calender/Schedule/Organizer programs out there besides Thunderbird + Calender Extension? I mean I like it, I just want to find any other alternatives.


My girlfriend uses Active Desktop Calendar. But I’m not too big of a fan of it. There’s also Rainlendar, which makes for crazy customization. I know a lot of peeps in the Post Your Desktop thread swear by it. I don’t know if the former does it, but I know the latter can sync with Google Calendar if you use that.

As for Launchy, I have a decently beefy system, so it doesn’t knock down my resources that much. And I use the Weby plugin more than the actual system lookup-related stuff; I just use it to launch websites when I’m not already surfing. Most app launchers tend to be pretty system-reliant when you think about it. Eh, to each their own. shrug