The Concerned Citizens of the United States

In short, an anonymous (for now) groups of people has sent out a letter to law enforcement and media listing all sorts of personal information on supposed illegal aliens.

They know what they’re doing is illegal, but they apparently have the “ends justify means” mentality. Two wrongs, however, don’t make a right and this, in my opinion, follows the same old misguided mentality of the conservative populace.

When I heard about it I was outraged that they supposedly love their country so much that they would presumptuously take it upon themselves to illegally spy on it’s citizens. Their concern should be at how easy it was to invade the privacy of at least 1300 people. I’d bet that many of the ones involved are the sort of people who believe that it’s justified to trample upon privacy rights just to uphold some mock-heroic ideological cause, yet fail to see that those very same rights are what (temporarily, anyway) veil their illegal activities. I’d love to see Anonymous blow their cover to smithereens.


well illegal immigrants shouldn’t have rights to trample on the first place, so…

If people dont like the U.S. and dont like its laws then maybe they should move and quit being bitchs

What exactly is wrong with this? All I can see here is a group of citizens reporting a crime.

That’s fucked up. Sure, those people are here illegally, but it’s nobody’s goddamn right to go all vigilante on them. “Ends justify means” my ass.

I’m on the fence, snitching on illegal immigrants sounds lame, but so does overly inflated population due to apathy, or misguided sympathy.

Realistically it’s an invasion of privacy, on paper, there was no actual privacy to be protected, I think.

When life gives you illegal immigrants, make illegal immigrant pie.
A glorious new age of delicious soylent green is upon us.

There is no way they got that information without also getting the private information of legal US citizens as well. Even under the assumption that they only trampled upon the rights of undocumented immigrants (who are still insured some rights, BTW), then what is there to insure that the same thing can’t be done to a group of legal citizens?

Those of you who say these so-called illegals deserved to be revealed, and therefore this subterfuge is justified, are completely missing the point. First of all, just because some anonymous group says these people are illegal immigrants, this action does not automatically make it so. They could have compiled a list of peoples’ names that sound Hispanic, and claimed them to be here illegally. Second of all, the sheer volume of personal information this group collected cannot be chalked up to mere spying. It seems likely a state database of some kind was accessed and the information was disseminated from that list. It’s not likely there are two separate personal-information lists, one of illegals and another of US Citizens.Otherwise these people wouldn’t be undocumented immigrants if they had personal files. This means that this anonymous group may have combed through the private information of legitimate U.S. citizens. If any of these U.S. citizen’s medical records were disclosed, that is patently illegal. This should cause great concern.

This may some like delusional rantings, but it if thought about logically, I try to present a rational and sane argument.

I don’t know, they have the word “illegal” in front of them and that’s enough for me to hate them because I’m a retard.

Nothing ensures it. They already do it to legal citizens.

Greene cleared in South Carolina investigation -

This isn’t about what law enforcement can do in regard to privacy. This data was gathered by an anonymous source, which could include anyone from citizen civilians to high-ranking government officials.

i really dont care
but i am really happy that the USA is a large buffer between canada and mejico

once a large amount of illegalatinos get to montana, then i will support this

firstable hello to all members of SRK my name is jose and im from texas
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my opinion on this article is all people in this country are free but this do not means free to take legal actions on they hands thats why we have i.c.e to do this investigation or whatever they do. im a latino and every single day i work hard to make my family proud of me and make this country the best one. now i have some tips for this people(THE CONCERNED CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES)CLEN UR GARAGE,PAINT UR HOUSE,WASH THE DISHES,CUT UR GRASS THAT WAY U KEEP UR SELF BUSY AND DON’T MAKE ANY STUPID THINGS LIKE SEND ILEGALS LIST TO POLITICIANS.:nono:

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This seems like it would require an awful lot of effort and not easily accessible resources for what would most likely be attempted by a group of rednecks.

No way, man. Our beer sucks and so does yours. :tup:

I doubt rednecks would actually choose to involve the law either.

if somebody illegally sneaks into Canada, and I found out, you’re damn right I would report it. Too bad, so sad.

And I dont think most countries put up with illegal immigrants