The Conduit


Ok ppl The Conduit is out with really good online. Post up ur Conduit FC if u want some private games so u can chat with Wii Speak and such.

Heres FC : 1333-5482-7577


Fc:5199 - 0189 -0436


I’ll post mine when I get home. Gonna be at work until 2am.


Okay, here’s mine.

(Infini) 1934 8458 3889


How is this game overall? I a really thinking about renting it and if such I’ll jump online.


The single player is decent. The only thing is there are no Major boss battle. And it can be beat in about 6-8 hours if ur not an achievement whore. But the online is where its at. Shit is too fun.


What about Multiplayer?


Multiplayer is online only, and it’s way good.


I’m really pleased with this game… I’m still getting used to it but it’s alot of fun. I’ll get my FC tomorrow after work


I got it through my rental service just so you know


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So how does online fare? Is the game pretty lively online?


online is great. sometimes you see chars skip around but its not very frequent. im getting the lan adapter for wii soon to see if it will make a difference cause now im using the usb wifi connector




this game failed big time with all its hackers running around.


^ that’s definitely going to be a problem that Nintendo is going to have to address if they’re as serious about online as they want people to believe.