The control is out of this world!

I have started using a fight stick for about a month or less now, and i feel like im kinda getting the hang of it. I still have problems blocking and crap, but i can do other things quicker then i used to.

Today i switched back to my controller just because i wanted to show my friend a replay and i was using a controller to play rock of ages (wicked game)

one thing lead to another and i tried playing a round with my controller again, so i grabbed a character i haven’t used in a long time and started the match. Instantly i felt like i was a whole different person, my old self was back… I HAD CONTROL! i was able to play soooo much better, I was back to my old self, with great reactions, great control, just overall better gameplay.

Now I have a question for all of you…

edit: i don’t know if it matters and i know pp doesnt mean shit, but the best way to describe how good i am is i have 2000pp… i have no idea how long ive been playing.

How long have you been using pad with fighters?
Because in many cases when going to an arcade stick…it feels like starting over.

The learning curve is different for everyone, but it is going to be substantial; you have to decide if it is worth it. Pad and stick are both viable in high level play, so don’t feel like you have to play on stick no matter what. My advice would be to give it another month exclusively on stick, and if you still aren’t getting the feel you want at that point, consider that pad might be your better option.

I couldn’t even dp reliably for the first 2 or 3 months of owning a stick, now I feal that I am playing much better than I ever have. Then again, I have big hands and never felt completely in control with a pad.

This particular question has been asked hundreds of different ways by hundreds of different posters. The answer is always the same: when you’ve practiced enough to be used to using an arcade stick. The amount of practice that is enough is different for everyone.

Also, read the stickies for practice advice:

I gave up on the TE with Sanwa parts and square gate. It would never work for me. As IL parts do not fit, I am now using Seimitsu ones, but a round gate instead.

I know how to practice, i know that stick and pad are both acceptable in high level play.

I’m just hoping it will not take much longer to feel good with my stick.

I have no idea how long ive been playing ssf4 (First fighting game) I played a little vanilla and i think i have been playing super since about a month after its release, but i did take a six month break from it.

god i hope i don’t have to wait like 6 months before im good again…

Four months from now, you’re going to be so fucking happy that you switched. You can do shit like plink, option select sweep, fadc, etcetera so much more easily on stick than you can on pad. Crouch DP is essential in some matchups with Ryu, and the motion is much harder on a pad in my opinion. If you get your stick dual modded, you can play on both systems with the same controller. People who play on PS3/360 pad are at a disadvantage if they have to play on the other system.