The control options in the game is retarded!

So, I just learned 2 days ago that the remote/nunchuck wasn’t the only way to play the game. I tried the gamecube controller and realized I wasn’t doing any heavy specials with the remote/nunchuck. The gamecube controller was gay, so I went and got me a classic controller. I noticed alex’s flash chop being able to be charged up, and his long range flash chop(forgot what its called) knocks people way back. The draw back with the classic controller though is that you can’t easily do super specials, like alex’s slam special, full circle rotation? you have to combo into that if you don’t want to have to jump first just to perform it, and then its hard correct all the time too. And you can’t spam zero’s blade shot thing. I know some people think it’s gay to keep spamming like that, but I think people that turtle back and wait for you to attack so they can defend then counter you are gay. And when you play online with someone that lags, its so much easier for someone with a remote/nunchuck to combo you cause they just have 1 button to press to combo instead of having to press 3 different ones. I hate being given these stupid options on controllers!!!

The entire point of using the CC or GC controller is so you actually learn how do do all the moves and learn to do far more advanced combos than what you are capable of with just a wiimote-nunchuck combo.

Also, “gay” people who wait for an opening are not gay, they’re playing the game properly. I can tell you from first-hand experience that just rushing in with no defence gets you slaughtered fast. You want to play with Wiimote and never defend? Good luck ever getting good at the game…

Your name is so appropriate…

I don’t get how you could hate having options. If you hate gcn/cc so much, go get a stick. But I think your real problem is just that you don’t want to bother learning how to do things with the non-easy-mode controls. If you want to get good at this game, use a non-wiimote setup and learn how to do the attacks the proper way. The wiimote trades the ability to do whatever command you want when you want it for being easy to use.

And alex’s full circle super can very easily be done without comboing into it… it starts out forward, then rotates around. If you’re jumping during it, then you’re probably just not inputting the two attacks command soon enough. Try inputting the two attacks command as you’re going toward the up direction and you should get it out just fine.


Oh yeah… and if you wanna spam charge attacks with zero… you can still do that if you really want if you buffer the charge, but zero is more of a pressure/mixup character, anyway.

k, I all I wanted to do was use the wii remote, I wouldn’t have gone out and got a classic. My problem isn’t that I don’t want to learn, my problem is that I hate going up against wiimote users, especially in a laggy match. It seems like a bigger trade off than I thought it’d be going from wiimote to classic, it’s not just easier combos, it’s being able to do things you can’t do with a classic also, like having to hold back 2 seconds before forward+atk and w/e

I’ve only used a stick in real arcades before, and they are horrible… aren’t they expensive too? I didn’t think people use them seriously. I thought people just wanted the “feel” of playing an arcade game in the arcades.

I don’t use zero much anymore, he doesn’t really combo well with anyone I think. He either comes in and upper cuts people in the air so you can’t continue your comboing, or does the blast special that nobody ever gets hit by cause it takes so long to do and always gets blocked. I know you can do a special and then do zero’s dark void, but that takes 4 bars(?) and I usually don’t have 4 bars ready for that. That’s my experience with zero atleast

There is so much wrong with what you said here. The arcade pad is generally considered to be the best way to play almost any fighting game.

As for Zero, you’re obviously using him wrong. Don’t use Zero’s assist to try and combo - use Zero himself to be the combo. The Zero sub-forum has a thread for showing off tons of potential Zero combos, all of which deal devastating damage, despite Zero’s low attack power.

Also, Rekkoha isn’t meant to be a super you just whip out at any random time. Use it to punish a user’s laggy move. Remember as well, Zero is invincible until the lasers hit the ground. So for example, a Soki is going for a head splitter, that would be the perfect time to use Rekkoha, cause Soki won’t have time to defend and his head splitter can’t disrupt the super.

People definitely use sticks seriously, and they’re probably the #1 preferred control type for high level play.

And zero isn’t really a keepaway character, like how you seem to be playing him. He’s much more of a pressure/mixup character. I actually have trouble finding characters that zero doesn’t work well with, since he’s such a strong character in his own regard, and tends to build meter very fast. You should check the zero subforum if you wanna learn more about what he can do.

edit: Beaten by Taurus yet again!

I’m not sure if he is trolling or not :wonder:
If you can’t even do a standing 360 on a controller then you should go practice execution instead of complaining.
Please read these threads. . .

Seems like trolling to me. Either way, calling defensive players gay is a pretty lame way to introduce yourself.

Also, standing 360s are child’s play in tvc.