The Coon needs friends


great! now that we got that out the way RR needs help. in my ongoing quest to search for main teams practically a week into the release of UMVC3, i’ve come to a early hypothesis there aren’t many good assist types for ol’ RR. and thats why im here if you guys know of any assist tech i should look into that doesnt involve ammy, zero, or god forbid wesker(just too easy an assist character IMO)let me know, cuz The Coon needs friends, and if you got XBL hit me up my GT is CAPIZBACKva804 and share the wisdom. PEACE!!!

IVe been running him with Strange. Daggers assist with RRs tele seems pretty much unreactionable, but Im also pretty new and pretty garbage at this game. Also, I like him with coldstar (although you are apperently very anti-ammy), but it gives you good time to set up a net trap, fire a projectile, and teleport.

There are threads for help/teambuilding/etc use them :slight_smile: