The Counterpick Tournament: February 5th

So sorry for not setting this tourney up before, i’ve been so busy these days

The main goals of this tourney is two things

  1. HAVE FUN!
  2. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh!

Because playing this game for many years we’ve forgotten the part of having fun with your partner, this tourney is not about competition or reputation or whatever, is not about winning a gold medal, points or prizes, is about laughs and to see yourself actings like a n00b with a counterpick character(of your main character) or using a character that you’re not used to play with.

Organizer: PSN: Philcito (if rice can help me, or somebody else with more experience than me in tourneys it will be cool!)
Date: Friday February 5th
Time: 7 PT, 8 MT, 9 CT, 10 ET
Format: 16 Players, Double Elimination
Chatroom: You will be invited to a PSN chatroom before the start of the Tournament. Do not invite anybody else!

Signup: First 16 to signup are in the tournament. Anyone signed up after will be on a waiting list to fill in for noshows. Be prepared to fill in for a noshow. If you would like to participate in the tournament, you can be a Match Spectator. Signup via PM, post, or PSN.

Only for Anyone that can keep a constant PING connection of 0-130 against their specified opponent. (North America and Central America territory lol)



  1. You have to post your psn id and your main character, then** i’ll have to pick a counterpick or another character that you’re not used to play with**.

  2. Play with NO HONOR

Regular: 3 Rounds, Best of 3 Matches
Finals: 5 Rounds, Best of 3 Matches
Timer On
Speed 3
2 Man Private Room or 3 Man Private Room if w/ Spectator
Microphone OFF

Match Spectators

Match Spectators will be deployed in certain matches. Finals WILL have a Spectator. Players can choose to have a Spectator in their match if they ask for one. Please note that if a player asks for one, he/she might not be granted one due to the fact that one might not be available. A Spectator will not be present if both players choose not to have one.

I’ll start with myself

PSN ID: Philcito
Main Character: Ken
Other characters: Deejay, Honda

As you may know ken has bad matchups against Dhalsim, Boxer and Zangief, i’m not used to play with Zangief(and all of you know it), that’s why i’ll use the Russian guy.

  1. Philcito: Zangief
  2. Killeykun(Killey): Honda
  3. Rice247: Bison(Dictator)
  4. Cauldrath: Guile
  5. tROYISM(tROYISM_): Dhalsim
  6. KAOSPIDER: T.Hawk(i’ve never seen you playing Hawk, so i guess you’re not used to Hawk)
  7. djmassif(Vestax): Fei Long


If you suspect someone of cheating, DO NOT call it out in the Tournament Chat. Doing so will get you disqualified. Send all reporting to the Tournament Organizers via PM.

I can’t record the matches cause i don’t have the hardware(or at least good hardware) to record the matches, if you want to help, one of you can help recording the matches.

Credits and special thanks to::

  1. ***Rice247 ***for supporting this crazy idea
  2. ***VIIXIII ***for the format template!(we miss you man)

I’m not 100% sure if I can do this tonight but put me on a back up list or something.

PSN ID: Killeykun
Main: Cammy
Other Characters: None

Last I recall Cammy has pretty bad match ups across the board with the exception of Gief.

is not tonight!, the date is friday, february 5th

your character in the tourney will be Honda.

I don’t have any experience running any tourney’s but I am down to help you bro.

I can record too if you need, and PSN allows a 3 man room lol.

Just let me know what you need me to do.

rice all day! - fei or cammy

PSN ID: Cauldrath
Main Character: Chun Li
Other characters: T. Hawk, Cammy

I can also record.

this could be fun and I should be home

Main: Zangief
Others: Shotos

well this was a double post and i tried to delete, but the delete post function doesn’t seem to work so…

organizer update this please :smiley:

Nobody else wants in this tomorrow tonight? No chance of a new stick for the winner :slight_smile: J/K hadou, but should be some fun

Seems like fun. Put me down. I can whip out my Vega or Honda…or Balrog…or Cammy…or DeeJay…or Ryu. OK, everyone that isn’t Fei. 8)

yeah nobody else wants to sign in.

I’ll join…i normally use gief and chun…so i’ll use honda, or Vega?

IMO, I think it would help if everyone list their main, and had the organizer pick the character for them. Just sayin’ because I think a lot of folks are confused since there are multiple counterpicks for a lot of low tier characters.

people are posting their mains and others(secondary) so that the organizer doesn’t choose others you’re familiar with

Huh? Not sure what you’re saying here.

Philcito mentions this: see yourself actings like a n00b with a counterpick character(of your main character) or using a character that you’re not used to play with.

I’m just trying to help up the participation and suspecting that we’re short due to uncertainty. A lot of low of tier characters for example, like Gief, have many bad match ups, Ryu, Honda, Blanka, Sagat… all players that most people are familiar with. How do you determine which one to use?

I myself would be confused because my secondaries are already my counterpicks. I would probably have to reverse counterpick to get in on the action.

I know this is just for shits and giggles but I could play all my 3rd string characters just about the same level, I just rather random select more than anything… which would be a lot more interesting IMO.

EDIT:… my bad I see that he’s already doing that… just forget what I said lol

Read the update guys.

Vestax aka djmassif, nice to know that everything is clear for ya :slight_smile:

Rice and Cauldrath, thanks for supporting. of course you can help A LOT recording the matches!, if you want it, you’ll host/espectate the battles.

ok for some reason I thought this was going to be SF4, but from the looks of the list with T.Hawk there are we talking SFIIHDR?

if so I’m still down :smiley:

Philcito, I don’t now if I’ll be home in time for this but I’ll let you know at least an hour before. I’ll send you a message on PSN.

sure man!

I don’t know anything about your main character and your secondaries, actually i don’t think we’ve come across in the past, please post your characters here, then i’ll choose a counterpick or a character that you’re not familiar with.

BTW, Just phil for bros man ;), so call me phil =).

Oh my mains are Rog and E.Honda in tournies. I also use DeeJay, Gief, and Sim. I think my weakest players are Cammy, Fei, and Dic.

going to be doing casuals tonight before it starts if anyone is down; shoot me a psn msg

on another note; those that are willing to record, i think it would be great if you spec’d the bulk of the matches and then posted on youtube in a playlist for this counterpick tournament…super fun times guys