The Cove at Rutgers

where buttons do not work and cable reigns supreme.


and cvs2 is on free play 24/7

and if they game makes money they get rid of it quickly

aw man where all you niggas at holler back

Yes I am here. I visit the Cove about once a day. I bring nothing to the table.
If you ever have a problem with the buttons or sticks, just give a phone call or e-mail to Alpha-Omega amusements and they’re pretty good with fixing that kind of thing.
But about the MvC2 machine with messed up sound and monitor, I doubt that will ever change.

Why does this thread exist?
Anyhow…alpha 3, vf4, t4, xvssf at CAC
no one cares about LC or cook/douglass
cove games are still kinda lame, but every so often it’s okay.
though FP and A1 on the right side of marvel seems to need fixing

here i am

also, im heading there now for some mvc…no one will get this message in time, though


haha just playin

damn if anyone sees a tech (or knows their email)

on left side, start + short are messed up
on right side, foward + jab are messed up

sticks are okay i guess, but they sound like they’re gonna break everytime you move them

bring cvs2 back!!

and a3 with no delay (hit a button comes out like a minute later)

I will e-mail alpha omega amusements now.

did they do anything? first player buttons(lk,something else) are still broken…
i thought i got better, but it was just the bad controller…
i got ocv’ed when i had to use it…

Alpha Omega Amusements replied, stating that they will fix the unit’s buttons soon.
Someone post when you have confirmed that all buttons work normally.

haha i think wee need their email again because none of the sticks work

post here! cuz im awesome. chea chea.

yo yo yo

what really good

ahah das my joint

who am i

S. Dot!

wow that av looks just like you phil!

nowadays niggas snitching so much in the street i gotta talk to them like they the police

anyone agree?

i have found a new one to get free games for mvc2 again

i am the cove god

someone fix the fucking machine (right side, right on the stick)

BG knows it’s broken and when i’m on the side i swear he puts me on the right side on purpose so i can’t block

he’s constantly trying to get to the other side of me cause he knows he can’t hit me on the other side, so annoying