The Craig Marduk Thread



Series: Tekken

Debut: Tekken 4

Country of Origin: Australia

Fighting Style: Vale Tudo

Character Background: “Undefeated for four years in the professional circuit, Craig Marduk was once a respected and feared Vale Tudo fighter. However, Craig was expelled from the professional ranks after being linked to a minor scandal. Bitter against his peers and society, Craig’s wrath consumed his soul.
One day, Craig started a bar brawl in Arizona and killed an opponent during the fight, which turned out to be Armor King. Convicted for second-degree manslaughter, Craig was sentenced to ten years in the state penitentiary.
Two years later, Craig was mysteriously released from prison. Some anonymous “benefactor” had apparently paid off numerous judiciaries to arrange for Craig’s release.
An envelope is delivered to Craig shortly after his release. Craig opens the envelope to find a plane ticket and an article about The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4.”
“Craig Marduk fought a grueling battle with the wrestler King in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Victory and defeat eluded both fighters, and, in defeat, they found friendship.
While returning to the waiting room, Craig was attacked. Catching only a glimpse of the attacker’s back as he fled, Craig could have sworn he looked exactly like the man he was convicted of killing, Armor King.
Determined to learn the assailant’s true identity, Craig set out with his sworn friend, King, to participate in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.
While in a graveyard of the Armor King[FONT=sans-serif], [FONT=arial]Marduk shoveled Armor King’s graves, who should be dead to see Armor King’s dead body. When he open Armor King’s grave, it was really [/FONT]him, who revealed he was dead. So he asked someone who’s behind Marduk who he is. Behind Marduk is the other Armor King[FONT=arial], who reveals himself to be the original’s brother.”[/FONT][/FONT]

Let the discussion begin.


Moveset (will be edited as new information is found)

Standing attacks:



:hp:- Slow but it seems to have super armor and it has a lot of hit stun.

:lk:- Does not seem to go far and it looks slow

:mk:- it looks like it has decent range


Crouching attacks:







Unique Attacks
Gator Slam:
:dp:+:p: or :2p:

Nothern Lights Suplex:
:hcb:+:p: or :2p:

Double Leg Takedown:
:hcb:+kick follow up with :p: or kick

Super Art
Mount Rush:


I guess I should try the 2d version of my favorite character


Yeah, he seems like he’ll be a decent character as far as his damage output and throw mixups go. But then again, due to the short range on throws in this game, it may not be worth playing him in the long run.


that’s alright if I was stubborn enough to play him in t4 I’ll be stubborn enough to play him now


I thought i’d go out and get you guys come Marduk gameplay.


Thank you :slight_smile: I was starting to get worried about the lack of gameplay footage on this guy.

The range on his straight out punch (don’t know what strength) is absolutely huge so he should be able to keep a lot of characters at bay with it, plus it doesn’t look too punishable so that looks to be his best poke, at least as far as punches go.

Also, it looks like he has upper body invincibility on that turn punch in the second video.


like, like, a million likes.

there is so little gameplay of Marduk, and alot of the tekken characters in general, at least compared to the onslaught of ryu’s and ken’s (with a dash of cammy or sagat). I’m shocked that in a game where that has characters never before seen in a 2D fighter before, everyone still just plays Ryu and Ken. drives me INSANE.

I must say, I’m suprised at the number of Grapplers this game has. Hugo, Abel, Marduk, King and Kuma, (zangief as well if the rumors are true). It’s refreshing to have more than 1 or 2 big 'ol grapplers in a game, especially a crossover.

I loved Marduk in T6, and he looks like a ton of fun here as well!


Here is the last of the Marduk videos. The further i go the more difficult it gets to find a good video but here. (Every character thread now has gameplay to look at and talk about)

Here are his notations

Normal attack description.

Standing attacks:



:hp:- Slow but it seems to have super armor and it has a lot of hit stun.

:lk:- Does not seem to go far and it looks slow

:mk:- it looks like it has decent range


Crouching attacks:






_________________________________ (That should make it easier to put down notes for his normals too.

Marduk has a jumping Hard kick that cause knock down if it hits the opponent. Check in the NCR video.

Gator slam:
:dp:+:p: or :2p:

Nothernstar lights suplex:
:hcb:+:p: or :2p:

Spear throw:
:qcf:+:p: (I’d still post this notation up on the first post and put a ? by it.)


Thanks. Decided to just put his moveset on the second post.


so any version of marduk ever, you could extend his northern lights suplex into a mount, that’s still the case right?


i meant to put this in a note but his gator slam can hit twice in a combo


I love SUPER ARMOR. that makes two character with moves that have super armor


Can you combo after EX Gator Slam without doing a character change?

EDIT: Seems like it… wonder if you can do three in a row… XD


Finally, this thread is starting to pick up after being dead for the first three days lol. But yeah, in terms of the Tekken characters revealed so far, he looks to be pretty damn good, I’d say below Kazuya, Yoshi, and Hwoarang, but above just about everyone else, but then again, the Tekken characters seem to be lacking already with the exception of those three.


This moveset is for marduk



I have no intentions of playing him however I think he needs more special moves. Just one or two though.


He seems to have quite a few interesting command normals though, and his EX Double Leg Take Down and EX Gator Slam are quite different from the original versions.


That’s interesting, anything specific that makes them different?

And I apologize for my overall absence from the forums, my computer is messed up, so my tme on SRK is a bit limited :confused:


Well, EX Double Leg Take Down is his Angry Ape attack, where he slams the opponent into the wall. EX Gator Slam is his Corkscrew, which causes wallbounce and has a REALLY long animation. You may be able to charge a free super in that time if you tag cancel… I doubt it though.