The craziest and dumbest glitches in FG history


I think the dumbest glitch ever is the character switch glitch for XBL and PSN versions of MVC2. Basically sometimes when you choose your team, the wrong character will show up on your team with the wrong voice and wrong moveset. At this point the game will actually become unstable and crash. I don’t think this is human reproducible, but something that the game just seem to do randomly from time to time.

MVC1 has a glitch where the game actually crashes and resets. I think it’s created by gambit and venom. If Venom throws gambit and then attempts to do his super, the game will freeze and then restart. I also have seen gambit shake out of the web, but the screen becomes discolored. (check out NKI VIII for the glitch, also appears and K2O and DA videos)

CVS2 throw glitch. I forget the details, but I think if you buffer in a super, and throw your opponent, but they break throw. I think they try to throw you BEFOREyour super comes out, and then you in turn break the throw attempt. In either case, this cause your super to slowly animate, and other unstable things.


combos in Street Fighter II

second only to guile handcuffs and red fireball


That bug is actually in the arcade version too, it’s just not as bad. You’ll get corrupted ‘head shot’ sprites on the loading screen sometimes. In the XBLA/PSN version, that same symptom ends up crashing you during the subsequent match. Just leave the match immediately when that happens.


In before CvS2 RC, Kara-Kattobi-Proximity cancels and their effects, crouch cancels, etc. But it should be fun to know about the lesser (and crazier) known glitches. Like the CvS2 Kim Glitch that messes the audio up


This “glitch” is the basis for all fighting games today. So while unintentional, it’s arguably the BEST glitch to every come out in FG history.

But yeah, the handcuffs, invisible dhalsim, and other game-breaking glitches were pretty dumb. But that’s to be expected from one of the earliest prototypes of the competitive fighting game genre.

Tbh, I always thought dead-body infinites, and the 30 other countless glitches in MVC2 that aren’t competitively allowed, are pretty dumb.


The Shuma and Trish glitch. This guy explains it well. Still have no idea why this happens:



Could someone explain the glitch that happens at 3:52 with the 4 Ryu’s? I’ve seen this in old combo videos, and it’s in this one. Something tells me it’s common, but don’t know how it’s done, and not sure what’s happening here. It does look really weird though.



I think that the Rolento glitch was really bad, because you would think that the certification process would have found something so easy to execute, and would have most likely come up in any Rolento match.


The Cage decapitation uppercut (triple version) was originally a glitch, afaik

Edit: Also; Ermac





If ken kills makoto 3rd round in 3s with a neutral throw, the board resets. Arcade version only, this is afaik the only thing in 3s actually banned in SBO




cvs2 duplication glitch was fun. You do a throw break and both characters do reversal. If one of them is a projectile it get’s duped and does crazy damage.
About halfway through the vid.
Also causes Rock to walk around with raising storm animation around him among other things like blanka’s electricity and athena’s psycho sword. I never managed to reproduce this with Geese though. i amy be wrong on how exactly it works though so don’t quote me on it.


oh, almost forgot about this



hmmm glitches?

most everything in XvSF. seriously, I don’t understand that game :\

fast fly/unfly/refly in MvC2. it’s stupid and completely undermines the point of MvC2’s system (streamlining). that said, it makes you feel awesome when you do it XD


Because the knife was so useless anyway that nobody was using it during testing.


Yeah that’s what happens when push block a move that you shouldn’t be able to push block.


dumbest glitch has to be gambit mvc2


worse than ruby heart?


This is my favorite fighting game glitch but it’s completely unusable by humans so it’s not really all that dumb