The Craziest Moments in Fighting Games



and no it’s not a review, just a video showing some best moments in fighting games, that’s all…


are you trying to see how fast you can fill your rep groove with red?


How is Chun getting crossed up by Blank for a KO a "Crazy Moment’?

Ugh… Justin vs Daigo is in this vid.sigh


:u: What Hatred Edge said. That vid is complete BS. Mix between replays of crappy matches and rips of gdlk matches, with no indication of where the crazy moments are, sometimes lacking crazy moments all together.



Look, no offense, but these videos should have all been posted within the first thread. Having three threads on the same general topic (your YouTube channel) on the first page on the same day (ESPECIALLY on an oversaturated board like GD) when you’ve only just joined the forums is really considered bad form. It suggests that you really don’t want to participate in discussion so much as you want to pimp your YouTube channel.

Also, no offense, but SRK in general usually isn’t interested in these kinds of features because, well, we’ve seen a lot of this stuff before (many of us in the flesh, given how travel-heavy this community is compared to other genres of games), and your insights into fighting games really aren’t all that unique.

That’s basically the kindest way of putting what you’ve already been told by everybody else in your other threads.


i could care less about filling the rep groove…


you’re right. if i didn’t post that first topic none of this should have happen. It’s all my fault… i let my ego get in the way.


This is ban worthy IMO.

For fuck’s sake it’s:
I couldn’t care less.

Saying :
I could care less.
implies that you already care.


This topic might be viable in the SRK Video Gallery, keyword might…


I got a double ko in KOF Xii today. We both had Robert, no health, and did the neutral close hp. Somehow his normal traded hits with my critical counter and we both just slumped to the floor at exactly the same time after the flash. That shit was awesome.


Getting Double KO’s in any FG is just awesome, granted that the players are actually good btw :smokin:


Fuck sake, finally someone else besides me gets annoyed by that.


I’ve always hated that too. I never understood why people say that without thinking.

Also, I echo Ben Reed’s sentiments except take out all the "no offense"es


I had a crazy moment in Capcom vs. SNK 2. My brother and I were both using Akuma, and had as low health. I was desperate, so I began pressing buttons randomly. My brother did the Shun Goku Satsu, and I thought I was done for. Luckily, that random button mashing made me do a Shun Goku Satsu as well. My Shun Goku Satsu hit him instead of his hitting mine. Now, if only I knew how to really do a Shun Goku Satsu…


Time for you to change your user title. An Akuma master that doesn’t know how to do the Shun Goku Satsu?!








this could have been a good thread. too bad the first video posted was so mediocre. should have just posted 1 video of a crazy moment that not everyone has already seen, then have ppl post craziest moments they ever seen.


I keep trying that, but I can’t seem to pull it off. Is there a specific order or flow I have to do it in?


Refer to my last post.


Just do it like a combo. LP,LP, fwd, LK, HP. That’s the exact order.

At first since you’re starting off you’ll see Akuma whiff jabs. When you get better you can hide those so it’s harder to see coming. There’s A LOT of things you gotta learn regarding that move. Mainly the kara techniques.