The Criminal Mastermind, very Ocean's 11 + Hudson Hawk

Just read about this guy today, really interesting story.
And there is also a pic with a scrawny slut rolling around in 100 dollar bills.


He got 164 years in prison, which got lowered to 8 because he cooperated, but he only ended up serving 2 before he was let out into probation? :wow:

You can be a criminal kids, but you have to be a thief and the best fucking thief there is. Game recognizes game son!

Yea that is pretty damn crazy. Though he had to sell 4 of his condos and give the Canadian government $500,000, I think he came out fine. Since he’s exposed he can get a security job, since he’s damn good at getting around them.

Don’t let that guy near any of Terry Benedict’s casinos.

IMO he is smart as hell for locking the doors.

Silly cops, he is too good.

Read this in Wired the other day, really interesting. It never mentioned what got him started in Nebraska though, anyone know?

Not gonna lie, I clicked for the slut.

I was pretty disappointed. :frowning:

Guess i’m going to actually read the article now.

I would easily sell some condos and give $500,000 in order to get my sentence reduced from 2 lifetimes to less than a decade. Deal of the millennium IMO.

Plus, he didn’t snitch people out, so he stuck to the code of the skreets. :cool:

Gdlk footsies.

someone should buy movie rights to this

Wired has these amazing ‘true story’ articles all the time, and some have gone on to be picked up to become movies.

Don’t know of any that actually have though :frowning:

I think they have a show about this on USA called White Collar or something… I think this sounds better… like that one Leonardo D. movie, but way better!

Same thing happened to the Catch Me if You Can guy only he had to spend a year in French prisons, which are basically dungeons designed to kill you slowly.