The Cross Assault thread (link to stream in 1st post)

Hope it’s OK to make a thread for this, the only CA thread I found was for the entrants, but I feel a new thread is better to get everyone ready for it.
Anyways here is the schedule-

Stream link (TwitchTV):

Anyone know of any mirrors or other sites that’ll be streaming it? Let me know so I can put them in the first post.

Wait, why does hit have to be soooooo long? I thought it’d be an hour a day or something at most. Or is this just a one day thing?


The actual main show is what happens in the evening after the player practice period ends.

They’d always said they’d have streams going off-hours to show players practicing, and I guess that schedule is for what the organizers/coaches will be doing in the meantime.

What time zone is this on?

It says PST right there.

Stream got delayed it seems (WHAT A SURPRISE, NO?!) and may now start at 10 AM PST.

Streams should start soon. Check the site’s front page for a link to watch all 3 streams at once!

ooooh uncle valle lol

If you handle, here’s all 3 streams in 1 window

Aris trusting the stream monsters to spy on Team SF is a baaaaaaaaaaad idea.

Nice, 20 trials/character. Did anyone record that intro or somehting? It had almost the entire Urban War Zone theme.

NICE. yeah spooky was saying on stream that they have the retail version of the game as well, so anyone who really wants to see the finished product should start watching.

All your DLC money is to paid for that maid :sunglasses:

team tekken dont have a hope
im watching them not understand how to techthrows

turn over on the sf side and there praticing advanced footsies and wiff punishes

Yeah but bronson is on team tekken.

Were any of the trials shown? Hopefully they are actually useful. The SSF4 ones were rather nonsensical at times.

They showed a few trials from Rufus, Abel, Bob and Xiaoyu. Seemed very similar to SSFIV.

That’s the whole plan. Aris is showing his two weakest player while trying to make them improve (and he’s doing a good job at that), but is hiding the rest. Look at team SF and you see their strategies and set ups with their best players.

Aris is a genius, too. He’s using the stream monsters to spy on them and insult them, so he could get at an advantage. At this point he probably knows their plan, but team SF doesn’t. I think Team Tekken is gonna look weak the first days but is gonna come back later.

I think Aris has spent more time sniffing Super_Yan than coaching. Tekken stream is more entertaining but I can’t see Bronson winning this if his training-buddies aren’t leveling up as much as team Street Fighter. My bets are now on Nerd Josh.