The cruel combinations thread

So imagine having that disease from memento where you have no short term memory. then sometime later after you sufficiently cant make new memories, you get this disease

Fatal familial insomnia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

basically you’re always awake but dont know why you’re awake or when the last time you slept was.

I have found that beer, toothpaste, and grapes are a really bad combination.

AIDS and Herpes. Hell, AIDS and anything for that matter.

Psoriasis and Muscular Dystrophy

Brushing your teeth with a dildo and rinsing your mouth out afterwards with hexavalent chromium.


White dude, black chick.

2 girls, 1 cup

four balls, no dick

vitiligo + being the king of pop

Midgets, porno flicks

fat chick, tube top

Bubble gum, peanuts.

toothpaste and orange juice. WTF I hate how horrible OJ tastes after you brush your teeth

I would also recommend NOT having hot sauce with cereal.

On the other hand, WAAAAY back in the days before pizza places stole my Dip idea, I used to put sour cream and onion chip did on pizza’s, and it was CHRONIC. I even made a pepperoni pizza, with the dip on it, and mini chips ahoy cookies, and it was surprisingly good

This thread is about cruel combinations. Get your “CHRONIC” combinations out of here.

Milk, rice.

Beer + rum + blue gatorade + cola

… in one bottle = instant vomit inducing

your penis, my anus

Being Black/Chinese but having black math skills and a Chinese penis.

An entertainment combination of the included persons:

Tim and Eric.

Taco Bell, no toilet paper.