The CT Thread

Since the arcade in the Danbury Fair Mall is probably the only arcade in CT where people actually go to to play CVS2, I thought maybe it’s a good idea to start a thread

I 00w j00!!! in CvS2

danbury sucks


I was at Danbury last night, you have a wide variety of players keep your scene up! I was there with Amakusa, I was the kid who looks like Frodo :smiley: and I had the 18 win streak with A sakura. The A groove is too good!

Damn 18wins! Danbury sucks.

thats funny i was there all day today and a kid got first with 10 wins. D: im the white kid with spikey hair. I use Blanka Iori and Ken

ps the thread was a good idea the scene at danbury is good and cool. There is also a 3s machine that is used every now and then. Danbury represent =]


bridgeport pwnz ct for free in 3s hahahaha:lol:

and frodo u wouldve had more wins but u got to learn to use the power of the ring choke artist lol

You guys can feel free to make a thread there as well. There is a CT-only section you might be interested in. I’m going to try to make and East Coast SF-oriented website.

Bridgeport ownz 3s? SHURRRRRRRRRR. Waterford ownz 3s in CT. k thnx


yo frodo stop smoking from gandalfs pipe u get pwned by twelve just because james is a good player doesnt make u a good player lol

ne one going to danbury soon?

Me, Tony, and Amakusa are coming to Danbury this friday to kick Emeras ass :D. East Coast CT in full effect!:smiley:

who is ermasas what he look like?

my thoughts on friday

this friday is going to be the biggest gathering I’ve seen in CT…

HAHAH ive never laffed so hard!!! roflamo. thats great

shit i am going saturday for sure hopefully im going firday night if i can get a ride. See ya’ll there :]

my thoughts on friday

shurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, their 3s cabinet sucks though :(.

lol fanata vidz nice. keep the thread aliive everyone go firday night. Our cvs2 cabinet is amazing and our ddrx pwns but out 3s cabinet si small and stinky. very few use it i myself sometimes do when too many coined up on cvs2. EVERYONE GO FRIDAY!!!