The CT Thread

Hey Deadspace, I’m down for some gaming too. I suck at CvS2 (but I’ll still play you) but I’m average in GGXX, and I read a few posts back that you went to Japan. I just have some questions about Japan and the language, if you’re willing to answer them. :slight_smile:

I didn’t go to Japan…yet. Not going to go into it cuz im going through shit about it…

Anyways I’m decent in the language but not as good as where I would want to be…but I know quite a bit about the country from my many Japanese friends.

First off I will give you one piece of advice that you must hold as valuabe knowledge above all else when it comes to the subject of Japan:

DO NOT keep a mentality from now to the point that you will go that Japan is an anime utopia. If you do you will suffer chronic depression!!!

I will stop myself now before I begin ranting about this like an old fart. But feel free to ask.

Anime utopia? What, you think I was some kind of otaku or something? :lol:

After almost getting banned from the Otakon forums for telling people to fuck off for jokingly calling a school murder of a little girl in Japan as “a coming of the BR act,” “the end of jculture,” (what the fuck do they know about jculture?!) and my personal favorite “we exchange them our school killings for their anime,” I’ve officially lost hope that anyone from America would take the Japanese culture and its people seriously.

Well, I am a yearly attendee of Otakon… but I’ve never posted on their forums. I don’t think I want to now.

If I were you I’d lose faith too. I’m not like that though, trust me. Battle Royale was a cool movie, and I thought the book was even better. I’m a self-proclaimed Asianophile, and my interest does expand outside of Japan. I know the Japanese have as much crap as we do, etc. Just don’t assume everyone who’s interested in Japan is a fucking otaku like those on the Otakon boards. It is short for “Otaku Convention” after all. What else would you expect?

I give credit that there were SOME kids at the Otakon boards who actually took the culture very seriously. It’s a sensitive subject for me because a lot of my Japanese friends always feel embarassed when anime is mentioned to them. Not just them, the majority in Japan. To a lot of them they feel that anime placed a false image upon them. A lot of my international Japanese friends who tutored back in school get kinda nervous or embarassed when they work with 101 students and they tell them that they got interested in learning Japanese because of watching anime. I certainly feel bad for my Japanese buddies. It isn’t just all otakon either…it’s been this way since high school for me when I hung out with a lot of fanboys and fangirls and I always knew that what they conveyed to be Japan was wrong.

Adding on to it my mom’s racist towards Japanese people because of the war and how they took over my grandmother’s village. So that goes into effect as well when I hear my mom criticize them to this day.

I didn’t mean to offend but for as long as I remembered when it came to getting to know people who were interested in Japan they ALWAYS start talking about anime, starting putting on the “kawaii” act, and then they start falling for the stereotypes. Not immediately but it builds up quick. If I was to point out some fact to them about Japan they complain that they don’t want to hear it. So far I’ve only met two nonjapanese people who took the country seriously and I know that cuz they would start trying to talk to me in Japanese, talk about their times when they visited Japan, and they keep the anime talk to a minimum…or none at all. It isn’t just an otakon thing…it’s more of gradual build up while growing up.

If I were Japanese, I’d be embarassed too. I admit anime did have some effect on my interest, but I’ve moved on. Not to say that I still don’t enjoy it, though. It’s funny you mention stereotyping of the culture, since I just got the weekly Jlist email about the Japanese stereotyping Americans from what they see in the movies. Which, as you know are extremely popular over there. I know Japan isn’t all about anime, manga, and video games… and I’ll punch someone who thinks it is.

I’m sorry to hear that about what your mom thinks. I should mention some Japanese war atrocities to some Japan otaku, maybe they’ll think about their source of happiness.

I really didn’t take offense, I just don’t like being stereotyped with those kinds of people. I don’t act “kawaii” at all, and I’d definitely listen to what you have to say about Japan. I usually don’t even bring up anime at all, but if you want to talk about that’s fine. Though I definitely see where you’re coming from, eventhough I didn’t deal with otaku throughout my school years.

Anyways when I do go to Japan I want my first meal to be one of those pork ramen bowls…WITH EXTRA FAT!:smiley:

Well anyways I don’t mind talking about Nihon culture. It has plenty of interesting tidbits to discuss about.

Okay, cool. You still up for some casuals in CvS2 or GGXX though?

Well liqiud u played me today n u know da endin of it so if next time u want to play for money i will take it just post up n let me know. n da stick is fixed u know that too, true the stick r not as good as it is, i’ll try to get them to change it. ight im out 1.

Yeah I dont mind. However I’ve never played GGX2 on a stick before…have always been partial to the console competitors. Not to mention I hear that the sticks are fucked up over there. We’ll get some people together or what not. Me, Jaime, itslog, you, generic guy, and if l1qu1d’s around we’ll kidnap him. Get a crazy party going.

Sounds like fun, maybe we can finally get a decent GGXX scene going in CT, or at least Danbury. And I’m assuming you’re fairly good at CvS2, so maybe you can teach me some stuff? Everyone plays it at the arcade, and Generic Guy is my only opponent when I play GGXX, with the exception of the occassional Sol scrub. So, I’d like to get halfway decent at CvS2 so I could at least put up a fight against the competition.

I like to think that I at least know what I’m doing in cvs2. A lot of shit I learned from Jaime and he’s a walking cvs2 encyclopedia. As for GGX2 I play with my brother, BIG BAD MOG, a lot. He’s insane and I learned a lot from him. He can show up any Sol scrub with his Sol…then make them piss in their pants with his Millia.

Heh, Millia scares me. Liquid’s Millia owned me up when he went to Danbury last week. :lol:

I’m still learning Eddie, very slowly… if you couldn’t tell I play him from my username.

Nah man I didn’t know.:wink:

My brother knows quite a bit with Eddie so you can ask him…I should bring him after school lets out for him. I wouldn’t mind helping you in cvs2 and I’m sure Jaime will help out as well, he also plays ST. Maybe we can play 3s, I actually quit that game a while ago but I’m thinking about going back into it. As for Marvel I quit that a long time ago…but I wouldn’t mind playing for kicks and giggles.

I’ve never played 3S, though I’m definitely getting the PS2 version when it drops. My friend is crazy about it though, and I think I’ll like the game a lot. It would be better to start playing on a stick, anyway. I’ve seen Jaime like once at our arcade if he’s who I though he was. I’ll have some questions for him, and even more q’s for your brother about Eddie. I hate MvC2 with a passion, but it’s stupid fun, which is the only reason I’ll go on the machine.

Hm, did I hear 3rd strike? Where would we play that? I am bad at it but I found out that you don’t have to know about playing it to come close to beating top players… So I wanna learn it…

deadspace, zato-i1chi who r u guys i might know u guys but not by user name…

I remember you guys had a 3s cabinet. But now I’m hearing that it’s gone. ::scratches head::

Anyways I don’t know if jaime would be up for playing it on console at his place or something. About not being that good at 3s to beat the top players I have to disagree…if you’re playing against someone who really knows the game then you will be at a disadvantage unlike Soul Calibur 2.

I’m afraid you might not know who I am. It’s been a while since I’ve been to danbury and the last person I met from the forums was iplaycvs2. That was last year on my bday.