The CT Thread


deadspace and big bad mog hit me up on AIM asap, read your PMs.


talk pas shit.


Who else is going to l1qu1d’s lil get2gether? As I mentioned on AIM l1q, I might not be going because I might get called into work and I don’t have a ride.


Yes, I shall be in attendance. Also, I will reveal the name of a kick ass email service to whoever is at his house that day. It’s not gmail but just like gmail u get 100mb of storage at first. After like 90 days u get 1tb. I dun know anything about computers but I heard that’s like more than 100 ppl will ever need combined.

Also, u can just sign up and it’s already in working affect, no invites or anything. I already got an account there and I tried it…


whats this get together?? hmm maybe mvc2 money tourney?? =o

if so definitely count me in!


hmm no one really plays mvc2 sorry :confused:

TMNT Tournament Fighters On Zsnes

:Watches Hevad’s heart break in two:


actually all i play is marvel, i just dabble in other things but there shall be no mvc2 tournament there. if u wanna play, get something else together for mvc2…


thats ok cuz jerseys has my heart, and so does cali…!!! EVO BABY!#!~#@#!


Can’t come


Im back

Im back nuks


yo that sea man drinker is nothing compared to me


Sorry l1q, not gonna make it either. Don’t got a ride and I gotta work out some stuff with people at work.


Top 3 at the break GGXX tourney was,

1.) Kono
2.) Me
3.) James

Are crew is just too good :(. No D-block there =(.


guilty queer xx


:lol: :lol: :lol:


lol :rolleyes:

Chris Redfield Balance Suggestion

Re: Re: well

Waltz is like a rule they go in one ear and come out the other. You tend to lie to much like that time you said I was in Michael Jackson’s room. Then again that could be true due to recent news stories. When you beat me then you can talk shit, and combo vids are for newbies and those people who have to much time on their hands. Thank you for coming out GOD BLESS GOOD NIGHT!!

:cool: 1…


Re: Re: Re: well

damn guess that gives me the right to talk shit till the day of rapture, because you didnt beat me once when I was down in whats your game last time, but hey thats cool. $100 first to 10 games 3s shit you and Dru can take this bet $200 in my pocket wont kill me anytime soon.


Re: Re: Re: Re: well

i have to see u play marvel cuz u talk even more shit than i do