The CT Thread

Nuh uh, even ask Tony Biatch!

Your not black maybe you want to be, but Tony is the only black guy in your group. I’ve seen you your white and hey Nigger Cable(Ryan C.) do you play Cvs2 cause if you do i’ll face you any time just come see me!!!

josh IS black. he’s got the mean afro, i seen it! plus he puts up J’s like pooh richardson from back in the day.

J have a afro but his skin tone aint black

my boy might be light skinned but he’s got the heart of a black man. You ever see my niga’s fro, he’s a straight fuckin G.

ps: whats this team erf shit it sounds mad gay and i dont roll like that

excuse me? ive been told by many people that my lips are black so i can say w/e the fuck i want.

and besides it’s a lyric =]

my boy just told you black ass

Finally my paycheck from my new job just came in the mail. Mmmmmm…I love money.:stuck_out_tongue:

So whats the deal with this team ERF. Is it supposed to mean somthing? Whos the true leader?

holy shit rick james died

Anyone down for money matches today in the Danbury/Trumbull area? Its saturday 1:00pm so post that shit soon.


i am going to danbury probably on tuesday.

I forgot to ask this a while ago…where is THE place to play people in 3s in ct now that danbury got rid of their machine?

There was a place to play people in CT in 3s?

^^ yeah but the cabinet wasn’t the best and no one ever played the game when it was there :confused:

In other news JWong drama has been rising 50% from its initial starting point.

damn man what happened to the community, just when i start getting heavily involved in marvel all of you players start playing laser retarded games like ggxx

oHhhH snap i just found 20 bucks i am the richest man alive =D

i have 53 dollars in my wallet, and i didn’t have to bend down to get it. i also didn’t have to bend over either.

I remember when I was up in school last year and I was walking with some buddies in the parking lot I found this twenty dollar bill lying on the ground. I snatched that shit right away. And yeah it was a good day that day.:smiley: