The CT Thread

Can I join the money matches for GGXX?

ClockW0rk = my mentor
But Strider/Doom can’t be taught, you must see it for yourself.

josh it’s 2v2 money matches btw.

idk when we are doing it eather, i hope we aren’t going to do this at gameworld D:

I play strider/doom! It’s og though haven’t played it seriously in a year or two. :smiley:

going to danbury for a bit (4:00 tuesday)

strider doom is just like playing high stakes poker with a big bankroll:

you can enjoy the winning while it lasts, but soon lose horribly to utter bullshit, and there is no recovery or forgiveness because that team is very very prone to taking a lot of damage

Team ClockW0rk can beat the best there is, and then turn around and get fucked up by everyone else. Playing Stirder/Doom is a gamble, he takes damage like a pussy or doom gets wasted early. That team can still trap or beat any other, however not consistently what so ever. My boy Strider don’t fuck with birds though, and doom fucking pimps that shit.

Who’s going to Danbury tonight? Me and Tony are, LIQUID BRING MY CONVERTER.

hah im not going but ill bring it if i do

?!?!?! mirror match, lets do it

Yo good games to everyone who was at danbury tonight. It’s tight to see that the community there has gotten stronger. I was the black tank top and necklaces wearing asian bastard with the highlights and hair parted to one side who hogged A Rolento all night…cuz I can’t work A bison on a stick.:frowning:

Rolando: You play cvs2? I was watching you wreck shit all night in marvel so I was wondering if you got equal skill in cvs2…which is my game.

AMinor: Good game man. You got a cool ass K Kyo. Would like to play you in a single match someday.

Tony (not sure if you post here but who cares): Good game to you too man. Sweet A Hibiki you got there. Didn’t have a chance to say peace cuz you were in the middle of a game of marvel when I had to leave.

Jaime: Wtf was up with you and that baby bottle of gatorade?:lol:
Why you always gotta fool around first before playing seriously?:bluu:

Funny that I was able to fight well against good players tonight and still lose to random bullshit from random people…guess I still got a lot to learn and get used to especially since it’s on stick.

Ah well, nice seeing people there and I hope we can do the same thing again some other time.

i’ve quit ggxx for those who care/were challenging me to matches

O and deadspace the reason u lose to bullshit and do well against good players is cause the good ones are more reserved and to beat bullshit just up your defense. i used to be like that too.

i was about to ask why you didnt ask me to show up yesterday, but i just remmeber that i woke up aroudn 7 pm since i was on a 32 hour no sleep marathona fter coming back from the break tourney…heh cool to see people play a lot there, anyways if u are going to danbury on a day when its busy just tell me so i can drive us all there and marvel it up =o

Yeah man I tend to be impatient but I forget that this is CVS2 not marvel.:lol:

Yeah I should just fuck around with defense until the other dude gets impatient…also need to get down rc for a stick. I hate being only able to do it on pad.

Were you there last night? We should play.

Hevad: Friday nights homie, that’s when Emera, Tony and others come out to play. We should go out during those days or whenever else…I’ll just talk to emera. Sorry I didn’t ask you to come bro, I went with someone else who was there for ggxx and we left in the morning.

HEY YO its me, its me, its RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanna say that I will be moving to Hartford CT in a week I don’t know that erea at all and I don’t know if there is any immediate comp but can any 1 let me know cause I will go even more insane without playin so let me know fellas.

Mostly CvS 2, MvC 2, and Halo mostly!

C YALL in a few days and I look forward to, playing yall.

yeah people play around here, friday nights at danbury arcade (gameworld) has some people, welcome to ct.

Yo ShadowDrak3n stop fronting and play me for money. :lame:

K-Kyo is sexxy :cool:

Danbury is a kinda far from Hartford (at least for me it is, I can’t stand being in a car).

anyway, does anyone here still play GGXX at danbury? Lack of intrest and/or everyone hates the controls?

Yo who’s going this coming friday? I might come down again. Gotta love those danbury sticks. :stuck_out_tongue:

sup deadspace… ill probably be there friday if im not working, tell hevad to come down too. and yea i play cvs2 but im not good in it. if ud like to play me, sure ill play. cya friday