The CT Thread

Inital D ver.3 at gw

what and where is gw?

Holy crap! When did they get Initial D!? :wow:
I couldn’t play, it was too crowded. :sad:

Jeez, they can buy all these dumb shooters but they can’t get a new #R cabinet. :tdown:

Anyway, GW is at the Danbury Fair Mall, assuming you know where that is.

I’ll find it, shouldn’t be more than hour from stamford, anyway it’s Initial D, i’ll get there and play by any means necessary. I’m gonna try to get there sunday or monday (if they’re open).

Now if i could only learn about video arcade servicing.

Thanks alot!!

wtf is inital d?

its an anime about street racing. Never picked it up, I heard it was pretty bad.

But it seems like an okay racing game. And it has that card account thing like in Virtua Fighter.

my cousin is a beast at initial d.

Went upto game world today, got my ass kicked but that was expected. I haven’t played in ages and my Trueno ain’t no skyline killer, oh well.

oh shiznite they got initial d at gw for shaganoff?

Why are we talkin bout initial D(good anime), when this is my thread. we are suppose to be talkin bout marvel DAMMIT!!! jk, i need help

Hey liquid I don’t know why you talking shit because if I were you I wouldn’t even open my mouth cause those big ass teeth and Syndicate you do play MvC2 and CvS2 for real and i’ll play you anytime!!!

WTF are you talking about?

Yo my boy l1quid will pull mad fucking tricks if needed. He’ll drop them opponents like that shit is hot.


FUck callin your self liquid im gunna call u fire the way you burn theese bitches.

my boy just :lp: :lp: ~ :lk: :r: :hp: that ass
ooo the rage bitches :devil: :devil: :devil: :badboy: :badboy: :party:

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Liquid you told me to learn how to speak english so I told you “stop talking shit” and if you want I’ll play you and if you beat me then you can talk shit…Yo Jaime teach me how to play GGXX?

it was really poor grammar and hard to understand, sorry you took it so bad, and im not really interested in playing you but thanks, i think i have played you before anyway.

okay sure

it was really poor grammar and hard to understand, sorry you took it so bad, and im n

Yea you played me before and I probaly murdered you!!!
Yo Jaime when can you start teaching me?