The CT Thread

HEY YO N. cable whenever you ready bro, and no I don’t wanna run with this in mvc2 more than likely I’m gonna run AT THIS (this being you) bring it whenever bro like I said pm me when you ready!

how much syndicate? and btw i’ll be there tonight Saturday Nov.6

mighty mouse, since you asked, i am the kid no one talks to (14 yrs)

nigger cable will shoot u down.

I have money on VDO’s rouge…

HEY YO Josh, I don’t even think we will get the chance to see Rogue beat the sh…I mean get shot by cable cause I have yet to hear from any 1 yet, damn.

Well if they do wanna play I’m up 4 it 2morrow (sunday 11/7/04)if they really wanna battle, any of em’ after 6pm!


yo so you wanna play pitbull ( mighty mouse) yo ur mad cool so when you comin down sunday?

wait so vdo, u invite people to your house for gaming? then i guess i challenge

Has Emera played VDO yet?

Emera ain’t shit, fools this is V D O the RUSHDOWN GOD. This guy is a legend, you guys never heard of the P Groove God?

no but i herd of the P**** rod

Ok well first of all Raumad and Tyler need to stop going on my name and talking shit because I did not say that last reply and second of all VDO I don’t know why you want to challenge me because I know how good you are and you would kill me, but I will face you for fun if you want but the thing I want to know is why do you want to face me and NiggerCable? Also just so you know if anybody talks shit to you it wasn’t me it was this kid named Raumad and Tyler there just trying to get me in trouble. I know that you are a legend, but I still will take your challenge for fun so just let me know when you coming down to Danbury and I will meet you there.
P.S. I don’t know why Raumad and Tyler(BlackBeakon and Syndicate)are starting shit cause the only reason one of you are doing this is probaly because you CAN’T see me in CvS2…

listen bitch dont drag me into your shit. I wouldnt waste m time to go talk shit on your name because you do that enough yourself

this thread is too good

HEY YO, its not just you and N. cable I wanna play Mighty mouse, its alllllll of C.T. so if it takes yall coming to me or me coming to you I just wanna play!
Also I’m not trying to come off like I’m talking shyt to any 1, like I said I’m just trying to get some skill matches going on win or lose, thats all. bring the fight to me C.T in cvs 2 and mvc 2…please C.T bring the fight to me PLEASE! :badboy:

P.S. I DON’T HAVE A CAR RIGHT NOW SO IT WOULD BETTER IF YOU ALL CAME DOWN HERE TO MIDDLETOWN. I’m getting my ride in 2 weeks and after that I won’t have that much time to play so fellas BRING IT! BRING IT! BRING IT!

who wants to drive me down to play with vdo

yea i seen vdo play cvs2 once, he’s pretty good

i might play with you guys during break i dont know yet though, we’ll see if theres nothing to do during break

Yo VDO if I have a ride I will come play with you, but I don’t know, but tell me when your available and Tyler you would be the dick that would do something like that and if it’s not you(which I strongly doubt) then it’s Raumad or Ryan and yo itslog when you coming down to Danbury.

Yo Tyler what year MR2’s do you like because I found a 2000 MR2 Spyder with 89,000 mls. but its in mint condition.