The CT Thread


ight kayin come down n i’ll play u in GGXX


depends on when i go again and when you go


Oh yeah, question, is this XX or #R? If it is XX dun expect me to do so hot. lol

If I have transportation then most likely so. I may have to rely on one of you guys for that, tho. Make plans, bitches! :tup:


Crimson beaten your meat aint what you need to be doing! Come and defend your name everyone shiten on your Yonker ass even me hah hah hah
Fuck saturday yous act like you all lil boys. Fuck your parents and jump on the train, cop a bus ticket, shit fuck wit a taxi


It’s around ten in the morning and you guys are still arguing about some pointless shittalk.:lol:

Too bad none of you guys are going to get it settled this saturday, I’m most likely coming up that day and it’d be quite a treat to watch for my last time in danbury before going back to school the following week.


naa actally I gotta go to a wake. So that definitly comes before you. And im also bringen my other friends from Yonkers that play Marvel and one from Yorktown with THE sickest Zappa you will ever see. But,how many matches do you wanna go?

Need an image of evil ryu doing a shoryuken for tattoo

I will be going to a tournament at the Tilt on Saturday, so obviously Saturday is a no-go day for me.


But I gots the sickest zappa… :sad:


you dont wanna mess with my man aminorthreats zappa you will get eaten alive


Fuck Yonkers and Fuck Yorktown


:clap: :clap: :clap:


Mall food gives me Gas

yeah well i didn’t say it was good but i knew no one would post something they have written i thought there might be some skill up in here. i’m jus tryin to get people to post more amusing things for me to look at while i download porn than stupid money bets over matches that probably don’t occur, gambling is more addictive than crack, but less addictive than free hardcore porn. the main reason i post on here is to get people over here at my house 20 minutes from the Danb mall in westchester for CVS2 and MvC2 on ps2 or dreamcast were it doesn’t cost 50 cents. I’ll even make coolaid. stop wasting time on this site and come train with me people, late


werd coolaid


ill flow wet fluids thrw ur mind and you mouth.ill fucking rip ur torso apart and rip ur insides out. yous a b**** ill run ur shit and take ur money smaack ur b**** and take ur honey. he he smack ur b**** aint that not on my level nigga back down or you’ll here that trigger.i already won this battle so whos the bigga nigga.i clap more hammers than home depot.punch ur b**** in the face cause she cant really deep throat.

im done :tup:


hehe. Whatever. We’ll see saturday. Dont be clapin I’ll go 1 on 1 with you to… I remember you being pretty good actually… We’ll still go 1 on 1 though.

yo AMinotThreat. Come down to Danbury. My friend is looking for some good comp. especially another Zappa.

Either she's homeless or she got problems; Amanda Berry rescue
Either she's homeless or she got problems; Amanda Berry rescue
Either she's homeless or she got problems; Amanda Berry rescue
Either she's homeless or she got problems; Amanda Berry rescue

ill play you its good to have some new comp around here ill play youif i dont go to ny of sat :tup:


Dude you faced me in Marvel… Im the white kid thats all young cuz… Im 15. I THINK I beat you a beat you a couple of times. No disrespect cuz you good. :tup:


i know who you are dont worry i know i got some new shit for when you come


iighht cool. :pleased:


watch out for red riddin though hes good