The CT Thread

anyone wanna race against my bicycle, BECAUSE THAT’S ALL THERE IS TO FUCKING DO IN YORKTOWN.

I don’t have a ride to Danbury ussually because Tony stays the night and I ussually have work the next day but I dunno if I can make it friday. I will prob suck in XX though last time I played I was doing stuff that only works in Reload and fucking up mad combos. You guys should come to the Rhode Island tourney on saturday for mvc2/cvs2/cfj/3s/#r or the Clash New Jersey tourney for T5/TTT/SC2/#r/3s/MvC2. Jackie Tran gonna be there fools!

i got work tomorrow till 7:30 so i will be at da mall tomorrow after that time lookin forward to play u guys in GGXX2.

P.S stick in GW kinda sucks just to let those who have not been down yet know. dont complain when u get down here.

iight cool. Wheres he from?

danbury i think

FUCK YONKERS,WHAT,WHAT,WHAT :confused: NO FUCK YOU, YOU NONE SPELLING BITCH.shitting on my hometown nigga please :badboy: .me and my boy will mop the floor with your ass in mvc2 watch your motherfucking mouth nigga,and if you are as good as you say you are, you ass clown play me and my boy 5 on 5 team match $100.00 winner takes all :badboy: ,a yes or a no will do you loud mouth PUSSY,

Young Boy Relax
You A scrub your boy a SPONGE why challenge me wit just a hundred. I shit on all 5 of you WHITE boys SOLO fuck a team Nigga. FUCKIN ROOKIES!!! :wow:

you really think you can beat danburys top five players come on now you acting at least 5th best in danbury and if we end up playing each other it aint gonna be pretty :devil:
so listen to my boy red and relax you yonker niggas is to stressed out. :clap:

you roll with crimson or not caise if you dont i dont know why ur gettint in to this

aite aite, i’m on team yonkers because that’s where i learned the game.

Itslog1 Danbury Top four shitted on your ass already, Yous GARBAGE NIGGA!!

JasonX…JasonX… You cant even beat my NIGGA BEACAN!!!

lol wow

so BITCH is that a bet big mouth because me and my crew are ready to dance on your sweet lil ass :wow: ,i be there with my crew name when and were lil man because my, DOGS ARE HUNGRY :badboy: ,YOU ARE NOT TOUCHING let me help you PLEASE bring your team,i hate to see a loser like your self get you ass handed to so badly :sad: ,YO MOTHERFUCKER ,HOLLER BACK NIGGA :encore:

hey are u that asian guy that uses bb hood?

you roll with crimson or not caise if you dont i dont know why ur gettint in to this[/QUOTE}crimson is my lil man i roll with him,i have has back if lil red bitch cant put has money were has mouth is then he should stop thing know is on hes level, i can help him see the light me and my dogs can help him

yo feed ur dogs before they die

:lame:,i hope you have you man he is going to need it you two :clown:

ok what the hell did you say cause i have no clue so y dont you come down on sat to game world in danbury so we can see how u and your dawgs are and then we can set some shit up cause how do we know if you on our level

Wow mad people are talking junk to one another. I know I’ll make a showing on saturday, just hope the sticks are holding up. GreenPeen, roll-up bro. Maybe my friend’s and I will game up sometime with you at your place.

JasonX… I cant put money where my mouth at? Come on lil boy i was the first to challenge your boyfriend for money and he was the first to back down. I’ll rape your top five point blank baby period Just like i said SOLO motherfucker

Fuck Itslog1: should have stayed outta this
Fuck Crimson: Handle your own weight fuckin guy
Fuck JasonX: Relax before we have to take it farther than just game playing!!