The CT Thread


THATS A SECRET :pleased: But whats your screen name… Itll be easier for us to talk.




X,EVIL RASHAAN,ERIK,JASONX,OUTLAW,YIPES,JAMES :tup: .and may be STANFORD FUCKING KELLY :wow: .if the stick suck ass,come to ctf today we well not waste time going if the stick suck,we can do this ctf the stick is always good,and if i can found him i my have WIGFALL on my team :clap: if i my ask who on your team because my dogs would love to know???


Awwwww. Jason it was a suprise…


:pleased: lol


you gotta ask you boy crimson if the sticks are good or not but when he comes down hes still pulling shit out so i am guessing that they are good well keep our team a secret :tup:

Hawkgirl help

All y’all from yonker.

What skill do you think each fighting game specializes in?

Naa… I think we reppin NY now…

Has this game died?

Heh yeah I’m down to play just say when and where.


We at Danbury fair mall. Nice. More NY players.


bam bam where they at


If anyone is able to take me to Clash 2005 please respond!


If anyone from danbury is going to clash 2005 please drive Jaime’s punk ass there.


Fuck Jaime! Kayin that shit down!

(Just kidding, no hard feelings. lol)

But seruoisly I really need to get to this shit!


Who York? Yall a bunch of scrubs, I can take any of you out freeeeee. CTF is too scared of CT console warriors.


my parents said that i can most likely go down to Danbury one weekend after this one cuz i have mid termes right now T_T so i’ll let ya all know when i’m coming when i get the details xD


Yo AMinorThreat is a Beast on arcade so he’s probaly unstopable on the console and yo Yonkers lookin like bitches since there getting people from CTF and not their original city. Stop bringing people to fight your battles Yonkers.

P.S. Yo Chocolate Tai, keep on shittin on niggas.


Yeah that night was very…eventful…or lack thereof. Also, nice job to you yonkers guys for saying that desmond would show yesterday and nothing happened. I mean it was enough of making an ass of yourselves the night before for trying to bring top players to play for you guys when you can’t even make up for anything with your skills alone, jumping on a free gravy train. That’s low as fuck with the inclusion of lying and possible attempts of trying to start some kinda needless heat.

If you guys wanna take down danbury, do it with your own two hands…not with someone else’s. That, and if you guys said yonkers vs danbury it’s literally…YONKERS vs danbury. You guys are always welcomed to play but please, next time, put in the honest effort and fight for yourselves, not behind someone else. Til next time, train hard.

Btw, don’t say that you rep ny. I went to the break last night and watched the marvel matches with Justin Wong, Bryheem, Josh Wong, Demon Hyo and Shawn Morgan. Those guys are dedicated and don’t rely on other people to fight for them. Those guys REP NY, not you, your current skill level, and your cowardice.


crimson tell your boy his zappa is lackin work on it. It was nice playin him. hope to play him again soon.


yo tell your boy sanford i wanna play him if hes your boy i challenge him and his boy braheim to a match out of ten for ten dollars if i loose three out of the ten i win. i hope you take on to my challenge :tup: