The CT Thread

Is there any 3s comp in this state? Is there even a cabinet anywhere? I need practice for SBO quals and I don’t think theres any comp in CT anymore.

so go to NY … better comp… if u really want to practice

thanks to whoever bitched to get new cvs2 sticks

It’s gonna be hard as fuck to find any good 3s comp anywhere in the east coast. I went to the break for clash and there were like only 8 people who signed up for the 3s tourney…the last two people fighting for the winning prize was Justin’s half assed Hugo (which he knew he could get away with cuz everyone else were pushovers), and a Q player with a horrible knowledge of waking up properly. As for casuals, there weren’t many people playing either. People barely touch it at ctf as well…top players only seem to go for marvel.

As for me, I’m going to be traveling to Toronto every so often…if time allows it…to play 3s there. They’re still keeping up with it to an extent…at least more than ec.

nah fuck those sticks this aint no retro arcade what the hell is up with the colors if anything they shoould of been pink or purple

Wait these sticks are oddly colored or something? I did hear that danbury got new sticks but I didn’t hear that much about it.

:nunchuck: so i walked in the arcade right and i was ready to beat some ass in marvel like i always do :rock: and i looked down and saw these shits and thoug they were popsickles or something :tup: good job gameworld
o0o yeah we nee more ppl to e-mail gameworld and ask for 360 sticks i think their e mail address is fun n games

everyone email Gameworld and request tekken 5 and for them to fix the new marvel 2 and GGXX cabinets(redril,sticks moniter damage) and anything elese you want the correct email is its

hell yeah do that and well get some more comp down here in danbury and more ppl would wanna play here

do da damn thang people.

Did I see tekken 5? Hellz yeah people, get on dat shit! I want to come by some time and get some good fights in.:karate:

Wait we got some new CvS2 sticks? Are they better than the old ones? We should get some 360 sticks and some convex buttons for all of our fighting games then people might start coming down and we will have like the best arcade in CT.

P.S. Yo Black I need some new CD’s give me all the old ones that I don’t have yet.

yo black and shadow. let them know how i was killin it today.

yea u murder nigga

oh shyt long time no see

ok here the deal people, for those who’re care about Game World and would like to play in a better stick like 360 and have like all the fighting games fix it better or the way it suppose to be like SC2 and GGXX2 buttons. so go ahead and E-mail the place ( ) and i believe Tekken 5 is coming in to Game World also. so now we have more poeple to come down and play. so like i say if you want to play in better stick and have more fun please E-mail that place… and tell them what you feel about it too trust me they’ll listen

for those who doing it please post up let me know i just want to know how many poeple are E-mailing the place.ight thanx

myself, blackbeacan n bloodshed done it so just post up .

im back niggaz better watch out at danbury cause i am comin strong and i got something for you catz this weekend :badboy:

been along time guyz seems like their still some action going on

BlackCable, El Gato Negro will shoot you for free. Come see this almighty cable and get shot!

tonight at the gameworld, i shall be–

[choi getting em](

) i can change the font color if you want :tup: