The CT Thread


this shyt is onnn



who won ?


WHOOO! emera doing it real BIG! but everbody knew that. but damn my boy went all out tonight. lols.


What the hell, we should’ve had the low tier MvC2 tournament as planned.


emera ? mah man fight to dead for that 2 bucks


that shit got grimy at the end

I can't win online!
I can't win online!

ahahhaha nice job emera, but watch out cuz when im steppin in next week, 1st is goin to ME


Somebody record this shit next week for godsake!


hey blackbeacan can u make me a funny avatar


simple and yet funny sorry u were not descriptive


whens low teir marvel so sea bass can come down and run shit


rofl @ the vice/yamazaki avatar


heyy all ur punk asses better be at game world this weekend we got some more tournies coming up


The Doors' Ray Manzarek dies at 74

i don’t think so, the master made you skip me, i know he’s intimidating in the arcade so i don’t give a shit but i’ve beaten all the best players multiple times without glitches, it was a good idea now that we got the 360’s and i had fun and got my adrenaline rush as always and it’s not like i want my two bucks back but damn, back to training…


this time it will be runned right

Building my first arcade controller - some questions

yous kids is crazy vietkhan… im takin low teir and high teir if there is one.
nigga knows my low teir are also my high teir
I’ll take every challenge at 2 bucks ( best of three )


uh oh :lk: all day


yeah i’m assuming it was your firrst time running that shit yoiu prolly jus got all fuckin confused, so r they using the SC cab as 3rd Strike or are they getting a whole new cab in it’s place? button spacing on sc is not that good if i remember, that game kicks btw everyone should practice (3rdStrike)


I play soul calibur and never had a problem with the buttons or sticks on that cabinet, the button spacing never bothered me. Even if they are a little to spread out for a 6 button setup, just think of it this way - itll still be better then the guilty gear setup


damn i wish they were getting Alpha3 or Super 2 Turbo but i guess 3rd Strike is better than nothing