The CT Thread

You’re not in the batting cage at Tilt anymore son, come get taught a lesson.

Wait, what place did u get at that tourney? Ok, the scrub who talks the most shit, is gonna get owned, so josh, keep talkin shit. Bring your “mas stick” and i will beat u on d-pad worse then the arcade.

No problem bro, hopefully we can rig the machine more often. Those from the CT thread here on SRK provide for at least 1/4 of Game World’s profits. Typically I would feel sorta guilty considering we’re stealing credits, but whatever we deserve some fucking money back. We just got to make sure not to abuse it, since some people might get greedy, or GW staff might see a drop in coins. Otherwise we should just setup free marvel days. Sundays would probably be the easiest considering theres only one GW staff member there after 6.

some spainish girl likes to play grab ass with me while i play, its happend about 5 times.

ktr- yeah man, i’ve wasted alot of money playing on subpar control pissis me off, i can’t button slide at all my fingers hit empty space cus they are so far apart

bs-i’ll guess we will have to watch each others ass, literally

god when the mexichick does that just turn around and parry it then slap her in the face to let her know whos in charge

on a second note for rock and roll fans - the night ECC’s over (sunday, with a holiday the following monday) theres a rock and roll at the Empress (punk/rock venue in danbury) featuring NYC’s biggest underground rock and roll group The Star Spangles. Some guys from my high schools group are playing there as well… just thought i’d post that

i can pick certain locks. if there is a pad lock and a normal keyhole on the coin parts of the machine i can pick those locks. i would jsut need cover and time.

we already got a way in

I don’t have a ‘mas stick’ and I don’t even play mvc2 and I don’t make excuses about console or arcade so either way a wins a win and a loss is a loss. I’m not here to talk shit, I’m here to back that shit upppppppppppp.

so is tekken 5 any good? i was wondering if i should get that or splinter cell for ps2

i’m just saying, anytime you need it done let me know. i gotta bring my tools aka heat treated bicycle spoke with a heat treated nail.

what’s your way in by the way?

some thing called a heat treated screwdriver :nunchuck:

just be careful though, before you know it gameworld will realize the fighting games aren’t making enough money then they’ll take them out of there.

We open the top where the sticks/buttons are and reach down

Hellz yeah tekken 5 is good. Fuck splinter cell, get going on that tekken shit.

i dont have a dc, u do, ur still going to lose.

Don’t talk bout it, be about it homie frodoness…

Oh Word, wheres my boy Frodo at. Frodo better show up soon.

I traded my dc for a gram like 5 months ago.

Drugs and burglary are for losers. :tdown: