The CT Thread

If anyone wants to have a #r/t5/cvs2 gathering at my house I’m down. Living at my step dads Jew Castle provides enough room for all.

where is the jew castle?


You were there the day after me and Sadie were there. Damn our luck!

i’m game. just tell me when and gimme directions and i’ll ask if i can come
desperately needs to play against other ppl

ecc training fuckers someone come to my house and practice!

oh word, I’m down for Tekken 5 and MvC2.

im down to play at somone’s house i just ned a ride

We should have D-Block training sessions tuesday and wednesday. Rig the machines at GW, or get a house to crash at.

word im down for that… the only games ill be playing mostly are T5 and SC2 (if anyones even gonna acknowledge it as a game anymore)

I’m definitely down for some gatherings. #Reload and Thrid Strike mainly, but I’ll play most anything provided there’s #Reload.

how about your house

so who’s on the list for ecc? i have work that weekend and my co-worker, who’s also my cousin, has his prom and i’m already scrambling for people to cover him. however, if i get to work the sunday morning shift i can come down to the break sunday afternoon… anyone know if that is a good idea/what the schedule is?

I’m going to ECC for sure. On sunday tho since I just wanna enter #Reload.

Damn Thrid Strike starting on Friday!

also, which top players are going? i saw something about an invitational but i’m illiterate.

also, if anyone has a spot in a hotel room open, i’m thinking i can come down saturday afternoon, stay that night, then head back sunday around noon. i’d put up money for the room for that night of course plus i’m an extra ride to the break in the morning.

then again if my workplace is closed sunday then that’s a whole other story.

U might wanna keep that hush hush. Cant fuckin show newbies how to rig a machine, they take advantage and fuck it up for everyone, GOD!jk

damn weather is suppose to be shity all this weekend but other words hey kangaroo boy u going to ecc <joey> :lol: thats a fucking baby kangaroo :lol:

we aint playin outside nigga

whose teaching me t5 so i can enter

:tup: cool who said n e thing about playing outside :confused: