The CT Thread

and just remember sanford proved to us that u either gotta have that crack or u gotta be black to be on top of the world. wish i was their o0o well my nigga KTR is stayin freash to def i got this iron man shit on lock come c me nigga lol

Oh man, heres alittle advice…

If you go to ECC XI

  • Do Stay up all night gaming
  • Do play with random gamers most will be cool
  • Do smoke up every night if possible, watch out for police in front of the break
  • GO TO SLEEP at least a couple hours the night before your big tournament
  • Game before your big day with good players and show em what danbury can do.

KTR you are Disqualified! I got DQed guys, I stayed up the whole night before gaming with some guys from CTF in my room. Fell asleep in my car and missed my call out in the parking lot. Drove home all fucking tired and what not.

Anyway shout out to the CTF guys, come down to danbury or I’ll see you guys at CTF. Remix, Javier, Dragon God, and the sick IM player. See ya around.

ecc was the shit
john is the truth in cvs2! aqua mutherfuckin bison
it was nice seeing you guys there, way to represent
one question for you guys behind the van… you guys smokin dope?

Nice job John and Jaime, you guys know how to represent.

eh… I didnt think ECC was that good. ill tell ya what… Ima challenge blazinflo to a money match next year.

you can always leave it to the kangaroo to JUMP the gun :lol:

.Mad ecc memories: Aqua Bison, The improper cammy rushdown, Pryde the burger king, Hollywood Jesus(hey-zu-se) the girl at starbucks, all the insane people we met, Cyborg Cop, 2lb bags or popcorn, skating the parking lot at 3 in the morning, I’m definatly going next year and gotta make sure we visit that starbucks so i can give that kid the Hollywood special. Mabye next year we’ll have 2 beers and 2 cigars, that’ll really impres the ladies

you were there?

Lmao aqua bison, you guys called me at like 7 am talking about that shit.

NEW ARCADE!!! Mad heads will show up to this,

Anyone ever been to that arcade. Any good? How far is it from Danbury?

Oh and Aqua Bison is my nigga.

That’s awesome. Where exactly is it tho?

The same place the console tourney for the third barnage was.

Interesting… I’d like to see if I can make it over there sometime then.

o and i know u guys in CT love GGXX#r, and guess what! Andy’s getting the NEWEST update of #r when it comes out, so SUPPORT if you guys really want that.

Danbury to Woonsocket:

ouch i know, but i think theres a MUCH SHORTER route than that. Like Warwick mall to TGA is about at most a 30 min drive. So idk how far Danbury is from WM.

I’ve got an Aqua Crusher with your name on it-

yo thats fuckin far :confused:

ok ok ok. Becan ima have a lil match with you. First to win 2 wins. If I win you cant call me that shit ever again lol. :karate: :pleased: :tup:

aqua bison is my nigga im about to make an aqua bison avatar

typhoon xx aqua crusher doesnt lie

sure ill play u in two games BUT im wut u would call hmmm…a IGNORANT ASS NIGGA so dont be surpised if i still call u it lol. u know wut a kinkajew is lol. and i hope some of u will be showing up at the amll tommorow to c one of our own and truely dedicated marvel players in his musical lol :clap: good luck RAH RAH :tup:

CT I am returning to the shits starting this coming monday!! Who’s willing to house a poor ass college grad with only cigs and games as his current spoiled motivations for two days? Takers?