The CT Thread

anyone going to the break today? someone hit me up with a ride

We should’ve gone, find out when the next tournament is. We’ll go mess heads up in World Heros.

tyler you owe me burgers

Tiger uppercut causes cancer.

M.Power= All American Hero

we need mortal kombat…

where is everyone…

shhhh…no talking

Behind you.

a3 is our game

Jojo is too sexy.

Cvs2 Tournament August 30th

tournament and money matches


Please take the time to look through the site. :pleased:

or umk3.

Update on the cvs2 tourney, we’re trying to hold more tournies for other games and so far with the attention we snagged from tekkenzaibatsu we might be holding a cvs2 and tekken 5 tourney. If you wanna see other games then speak up and let us know. More updates to come.

fighting jam-

Happy Birthday to the real legend-

the one known as STEW!

Goddamn Johnny thx a lot. Sorry I disappeared like that…got so drunk I fell asleep.

ok so where is the tournament in the mall?