The CT Thread

straightkilla=justin wong or sleepy eyes mexican that does level 1’s or clean cut black man in business suit w/briefcase? who else have i played that i don’t know?

sell me drugs

Actually you knew that all along, this is from page 110, bottom post. So the whole him not existing on the site, plus before when you made the “damn queer” statement towards him having Jessica Simpson as his header you already knew it was Jaime…AHAHAHAHAHA I knew it wasn’t just your ears that didn’t work properly.:lol:

That’s it fellas, no more recognition and attention to this guy’s account even if it’s someone we know. Guy’s got two mouthfuls of shit. After tonight if he doesn’t show up or rather make himself revealed then that’s going over officially.

i dont see how my win was a fluke, u just suck thats all. i gave u the first match. if u wanna come back ill show u wut i can really do. otherwise dont open ur mouth again about me just cuz i raped u. if u want, we could play for money. 5gs cash. im a high roller. i dont play for cheap cash. a hundreds the cheapest ill do. if u think u got suttin on me, come back and show me otherwise, dont post my name on this forum again. oh and u didnt play this game for a month? big fuckin deal, i went away without playin games at all for a month and i still have the skills to rape u


Mall closes in three hours.


wait for me all you want. if thats what you want i’ll see you when i see you. then your friends can see you afterwards and realize you’ve been seen already. click clack on the pad all you want

and yep,rolando owned you

EVERY ONE BE AT GAME WORLD NOT FRIDAY AS IN TODAY BUT NEXT FRIDAY teh 21st i smell alot of beef / money matches and i want some one to be down there with a video camera who ever can bring one bring one just to get some footage of some good ass matches that are about to be played ima go all out with all my hard core CVS2 / MVC2 teams and i want some one to be there for my combo exebition to film that shit. lots of new stuff i think yall like so who ever can bring a video camera like RYAN caloris(gussed the speeling of that last name ) bring that shit im shure elmera gone be down there with the fresh shit ima be down there with the fresh shit veric and rolo gone be down there with the fresh shit and hopefully these peeps from waturbury gone be down there with some shit thats alot of shit SO BRING VIDEO CAMERAS THANX !

We’re done folks.

Jerry man call me up sometime.

Rolando stop beastin’.

you gota ring me up ma fones screen is shot so just give me a ring stew:tup:

:lol: ok hydra

whose teaming up with me in cvs2 next time, guaranteed 50 wins

woah back that shit up bitch. I said you were good regardless first of all. second I havent played this game in 2 months and you nut ride it all the time. 3rd I didnt see you talkin any shit while I was at danbury and i said it was a fluke. And dont give me that shit on how you GAVE me the first match I ean shit be a man and say you lost. shit. I dont even upgrade my skill lvl or practice like you guys do and im still in your lvl so back that shit up. A fluke isnt saying you suck anyway. if I knew how to mash outta that cheap ass tempest then i woulda had a better chance now wouldnt I? So dont get all defensive cuz you think you the greatest. Oh and how old am I? 16? And im up to 20 year old peoples lvls and I hardly play?

I got a better idea, instead of exchanging heat take the storm up on his offer, yelling at him isn’t go to make him see things your way.

Btw, to mash out of the tempest also involves rocking the stick from left to right at the same time. There, you learned something. Other 16 year olds can do it as well as 20 year olds, so how does your logic of skill level to age apply??? And what 20 year olds are you talking about???

yo who the fuck is str8 killa this nigga is getting on my nerves he always talks shit and yet never shows up at the arcade personally i think hes a little internet bitch always talking shit behind your little computer screen cause you feel safe at home well thats all i got to say im out

Posting for icestorm cuz he’s having problems with his account:

ur a funny kid crimson. i nut ride the game al the time? yea ok why dont u ask people how often i come to gameworld nowadays. i do have better shit to do with my time. since most of it goes to my car. do u have a car? or a nice one i should say? i guess not. anyways maybe i wasnt talkin shit at the arcade was cuz i didnt hear u, if i wouldve heard u, my mouth wouldve been running a long time ago. i wouldve made ur ass cry. and age as a skill reference? im older than j wong. but wut does that have to do with it? why dont u think about wut ur gonna say b4 u open ur mouth and start talkin shit. come back to danbury and ill make u eat ur words and continue to rape u with my “fluke” wins. ur not ready. u just suck thats all… plain and simple. how bout a money match bitch?

That is all.

50 DOLLARS SAYS that i beat crimson best out of 3 with A. either MAGNETO KOBUN PSYLOCK or B BLACK HEART KEN TRON.

and rolondo you aint the only one with a fly nissan nigga… i just put a MIRROR on my driver side door the other day , got a BRAN new TAIL LIGHT., FIXED THE CRACK IN MY WINSHEILD WITH ELMERS!!! AND on top of all the shit i got that new fucking PATION FRUIT AIR FRESHINER that sprays every 18 SECONDS NIGGA

ps: some one make me one of those damn little picture things that i see people have under there name

i have a fly altima nikka!

Sure what do you want in it. If you want something animated though Raumad’s got you covered.