The CT Thread

nigga who really wants it

You ever see that movie The New Guy!? THAT SHIT IS FUCKING SICK!!

Omg Jaime you went there.:rofl:

Damn dude, where da fuck have YOU been? Rich been MIA for 189798416354 years. Don’t go to trumbull no more because shit is always broken and never works, i guess u mighta learned that the hard way. Hova Da God holla atcha boy.


Dam son i thaught you retired with Darkside from Marvel. You know how i do! Im playing everyday with Ron from wallingford or trying to get some gaming down in the dirty Water. You should come down to wallingford and get some. Shit is still fucked up @ trumbull. “dikes are still to lazy to repair controls” Hit me up on my cell, i’ll PM you later.

anyone wanna play some cvs2 during the week?

fighting jam

i will sodamize your blankas with my drunken master style, and your jedahs and weird oversized dinosaur guy too

you guys play that?, the true power of team peen is revealed, send me a pm or gimme a holiday phone call-

check your box, slick

HEY YO its me, its me, its RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here just wanna say what up and I told yall I would be back soon didn’t I, well hows this for soon Jan 2006 so get ready foo’s once again cause guess who’s com’n to dinner foos! I will be there til mid march (work’n ofcourse) so I’ll hit yall up when I get there!


yeah ill play some cvs2 or MVc2 with you just let me know when you gona be down in danbury but ill play any day of the week watever always lookin for comp.

let me know when and ill meet down at Game world to play you homie . just let me know when and where and well game some MvC2 or Cvs2 your P groove kinda served me last time we played but i got sumthing new for yah :arazz: hit me up on teh forums always fun playin you VDO peace

now you guys get to watch the ddr kids move around on a metal platform up close, shit i been missing out

lol fucking wack ass set up fuckers be sweating up a storm and walking by the marvel machine smellin like ass

Free Vibrating Seats For Everyone!!! Fucking Wonderful!!!

where can i get salvia around here

that shit lasts for like 2 min and thats it, just get some shrooms man

homie probably wouldn’t even be thinkin about hallucinogenics if the damn crap controls at game world worked right, cvs2 1p light kick has been broken for like a month and the 60 dollar homemade controller I bought from Mango with flat buttons is better than both sides of marvel/ Game World = butt, thats right wilson, don’t try and stop me from saying it

shady J you gotta smoke salvia in special ways, it can last up to 30mins apparently. but uhh, i’m back from FL whoever was interested in the stick, i wanna get rid of this so get at me. and bloodshed salvia is legal, order some online.