The CT Thread

good shit, good shit

nice diggs, wheres red satin ken?

red satin ken is hitting a blunt somewhere with soo mighty lol

looks like someone bought 3rd strike from game world, wonder whats next to go…

btw- sammy the jumping dog game is still available, only $999.00

i wonder if them selling those machines means the coin prices will drop… i’m thinking about getting back into mvc2 and whatnot

prices have already dropped back to .50, think its more of a sign that the place wont survive the year, 3rd strike is already gone with many other games on ebay.

is anyone still alive in this thread?, if anyone still reads this post up saying such-

I read it in hopes that someone throws a gathering need practice for evo

Good matches last weekend at GW, i’ll be by this weekend if I can find any coins in the couch cushions.

Yo, I’m mainly a Tekken player, but I’m thinking about picking up another game. Do people play 3s near New Haven? Lemme know. I got my own place and can set up home sessions.

i wanna play some mvc2 again :frowning:

People want to play, maybe ct will be revived. Shame its just as I’m leaving. I’m down for some marvel, cvs2, or tekken in the mean time.

get in touch with dsp, we playing tomorrow down in bpt

DSP??? BPT??? Homey, I’m really new to Street Fighter and even newer to Connecticut. So you’re going to have to work with me here. Who is DSP and where is BPT and what do both of those stand for, lol. I’m a hardcore Tekken player originally from The Bronx. I have no idea whose who and whats what in the 2d world except Justin Wong, Josh Wong and Alex Valle and thats only because they all play or played Tekken at sometime.

bpt = bridgeport, depending on where you are in new haven if your closer to i-95 or the merrit but either or 30 mins from new haven

I’m pretty close to the 95. And I figured out that DSP must be Darkside Phil so I’ll hit him up. Is that an arcade you guys play at or someones crib? If it’s an arcade, where is it?

i’ll be at GW tonight playin CVS2 if anyone wants to join me

they sold the fucking 3rd strike… ok where are you guys going now anyway? Everytime I go buy shit I stop by and its a fucking waste land of emo kids playing DDR…

So wait, no 3S at the local arcade anymore? That sucks. Like I said before, I have my own place and can hold sessions of anyone cares anymore… CT seems to be dead in all FGs.

if your willing to come down to bpt or me to your place i am always down for 3s and tekken i go to nyc every weekend for games and play every night when possible with dsp practicing getting my game up for evo

Yea man, I’m down for whatever. Just keep in mind, I just started playing 3S so I suck. But I guess if you can help me in 3S, I can help you in Tekken. I’m at CTF a lot too. Actually, I was just there yesterday. So yea, lemme know whats good.