The CT Thread


Sounds good. I suck at 3S but trying to get into it. I’m above average in Tekken. Won quite a few tournaments on the NE in it. So what day is best?


ANYDAY!!! i dont know too many people in CT since i just moved here recently so i really dont do too much after work…actually i usually write all my post at work lol…but if you wanna do it after work its cool or if you know some other people and get together on a weekend thats fine too…just need some sparin practice before evo


You drive?


i sent you a PM


anyone still even play marvel in danbury?


i totally given up wit tryin to play wit peeps from CT…guess its either a long ass drive to TGA or catch a train to NY

Just a few questions

The fucks TGA?

How did humans learn how to plant seeds and begin farming?
How did humans learn how to plant seeds and begin farming?

The only 2d game I play is 3S. Can’t help with Marvel…


I play 3rd strike too but it got sold…


I can have get together in my crib. Like I said I live alone so it’s whatever. But I don’t think people have a means of transportation.


I know I dont.


i gotta car and i know someone else that would play as well…hes good at 3rd strike and i practice everynight…dont mean im good but at least i practice what i know…anyways if someone would give me directions to a place that is within an hour driving ill come make a house whippin or mall arcade or whatever


I think New London is like a half hour from New Haven? I don’t know…still new here. But whatever, you guys can come through and own me and I’ll be happy to do the same to you in Tekken. :slight_smile:

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SRK MAFIA IX -- South Park: The Return of Darth Chef -- Sign-up Thread

I’d rather go to the arcade cuz I can catch a ride there, but I dont got a car for myself yet. But I wanna play some 3S…

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give me yall numbers in a PM then this weekend i can swing through some places


I (aka THE LEGEND.) will be at the mall tonight, and possibly Tony the Beast Machine; everyone go


the mall…there are like a million malls…i just moved to CT like 2 months ago and the only mall i been to was waterford mall and i asked do they have an arcade and they said it was taken out…come on man be more specific im new!


Danbury Fair Mall, i’m gonna try and be there 4 some cvs2 later on 2night

Many Problems with arcade sticks

Shibuya, Danbury Fair mall in Danbury ct. Its the only place people still play at in CT. Its a shadow of its former self though. Gameworld still has a couple of fighters kicking around from time to time.

Starting a team
Starting a team
Starting a team

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